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Predictive Analytics

Calculate Predictive ROI: Levers That Lead To More Revenue

If you’re taking a comprehensive look at predictive, it’s important to adopt an analytical approach in your evaluation process. Use this framework to identify key performance metrics, measure predictive ROI, and build a solid business case.

John Hurley on February 22, 2017
4 minute read
B2B Marketing

Top 10 Booths at Dreamforce 2016

We vetted hundreds of setups to identify the top 10 booths at Dreamforce 2016. Check out the creative showcases of B2B companies at Moscone from last week.

John Hurley on October 11, 2016
5 minute read
B2B Marketing

Pepsi vs Coke: Why Marketers Shouldn’t Be Fooled By the Technology ‘Taste Test’

When it comes to competition, no two brands have had a more fierce, long-standing head-to-head battle than Coke and Pepsi. In fact, historically they’ve had many famous clashes, but one in particular stands out. Pepsi, in an attempt to undercut Coke, launched an infamous “taste test” campaign that drew a lot of attention and short-term…Continue Reading

John Hurley on September 15, 2016
5 minute read
Predictive Analytics

Determining Your Predictive Use Case Part II: The Scorecard

In the previous post, we broke down each specific use case for Predictive by the stages of the classic marketing funnel. Why? Over and over again in webinars, customer calls, and industry events, we hear that one of the biggest barriers for buyers to consider new tech is due to the vendor’s inability to articulate…Continue Reading

John Hurley on March 24, 2016
2 minute read
Predictive Analytics

Determining Your Predictive Marketing Use Case

With over 61% of B2B marketing leaders already implementing solutions, it’s clear that Predictive has progressed from a nascent marketing tool to an essential solution in the marketing technology (martech) stack. However, even while innovators and early adopters spend or allocate budget toward predictive, marketing buyers cannot clearly answer, “What do we do with Predictive?”…Continue Reading

John Hurley on March 18, 2016
6 minute read
Predictive Analytics

8 Expert Answers to “What is Predictive Analytics?”

When we commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a comprehensive survey of B2B marketing leaders to hear their views about predictive analytics, we were pleasantly surprised by how many were familiar with and were already using predictive analytics to generate great results. Eighty-seven percent (87%) told us that they were using or had plans to implement predictive…Continue Reading

John Hurley on November 11, 2015
3 minute read