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B2B Marketing

How Big Data has Transformed Marketing and Selling [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Internet has undergone several transformations since its debut in the late 20th century. Originally a tool for the Defense Department and academics to connect, share, and transmit information, the Internet has become the mainstream means by which we communicate. Most of our short-form communications – and a large portion of our video and audio communications – are transmitted over Internet Protocol (IP). These solutions – 4G wireless, Google Hangout, Facebook, Twitter, etc. – were nonexistent nearly fifteen years ago and today are more pervasive than the English language.

Darian Shirazi on April 4, 2013
2 minute read
B2B Marketing 3

How to Reach Small Businesses through Social Selling

With 12.8 million small businesses active on Facebook, 5%+ of all small businesses actively engaging customers on Twitter, and more than 5 million Google+ Local pages claimed by small business owners, it’s clear that small businesses understand the importance of social media. Smartphones are the device of choice for small business owners, and offer a means to engage with customers in a non-traditional manner with less overt effort.

Darian Shirazi on March 20, 2013
3 minute read
Radius News 5

Radius welcomes American Express as an Investor

Over the past three years, we’ve been building some amazing technology. We’ve focused on building a technology platform that provides the cleanest data possible on more than twenty million small businesses in America. The first product built on top of this platform has enabled sales teams and marketers to more efficiently prospect and understand small business customers.

Darian Shirazi on January 23, 2013
1 minute read
Radius News 1

Our Commitment to Quality Content for Marketers and Sellers

In the past month, we’ve started publishing educational content to the Radius blog. We originally used our blog as a means to announce new features or major changes with our company, but we’ve realized that through the development of our product, we’ve learned more than we could ever imagine about people sell and market to small businesses.

Darian Shirazi on January 5, 2013
1 minute read