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Introducing Joel Carusone as CEO of Radius

Letter from Darian Shirazi, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of Radius

When we started Radius six years ago, we knew managing, understanding, and unifying B2B data for enterprise customers was an unsolved and massive opportunity. For years, our Mission Statement, our north star, has been the same – “Radius will be the nucleus that powers data insights and intelligence across all B2B applications, channels, and users—built on The Global Network of Record.” Last year we announced Radius Advertiser, a solution in partnership with LiveRamp, to help our customers reach business buyers on more than 550 channels. Last month we announced Radius Unify, a platform that allows companies to connect and manage any application to Radius. And last week we announced The Network of Record is now global, and has grown to include the world’s most trusted data sources like Dun & Bradstreet as part the largest B2B data ecosystem. Defining a lasting vision statement that brings significant value to customers is challenging. Delivering on that vision is even more challenging.

Behind much of that success has been our CTO, Joel Carusone. In the past three years, Joel has driven our technical vision to serve Fortune 100 customers and captured the support and confidence of our team. He’s built relationships with those customers, becoming a trusted partner to some of the most impactful companies on the planet. He has set product vision and driven innovation that has resulted in the launch of a next-gen, enterprise-class data platform. And most of all, he’s gained the trust and admiration of the entire Radius team.

That’s why, when I decided to step into a new role as Executive Chairman, I could think of no one better than Joel to become the new CEO of Radius. He’s the absolute right person to steer Radius into its next phase of growth and I’m happy to have him take on most of my roles and responsibilities going forward. After having done this job for six years from founding, to the scale we operate at today, it’s important to take time for yourself and your family which is what I plan on doing. I’m still passionate and excited by where we are going as a company that this role allows me to stay involved with customers and work on our company vision while making more time for my personal life.

Joel is going to do great things, and I know I speak for the entire Radius team when I say that I am excited to see where we can take Radius next.

My vision for Radius

Letter from Joel Carusone, CEO of Radius

As I step into my new role, I’m thankful to Darian for building a company that is rapidly expanding while continuing to invest in developing amazing products. But most importantly, I’m thrilled to be leading the Radius team, who I know to be among the best and brightest.

Enterprises are at a crossroads – I’ve seen this firsthand with so many of our customers. The emergence of advanced tools, like our industry leading enterprise customer platform, comes at a time when streamlining growth and creating unified customer experiences is becoming more complex than ever before. Data, channels, user expectations – they are all increasing exponentially. The next decade will require major investments from enterprise companies to rewrite their data infrastructure to handle the growing needs for data and integration. Those that make those investments will be able to fully leverage the next phase of AI-driven automation, insights and customer engagement applications.

That’s why, under my leadership, Radius will continue to invest in providing the most trusted, unified data to the world’s top B2B brands. Our recent announcements with the launch of Radius Unify and our relationship with Dun & Bradstreet are major milestones in this evolution.

But technology isn’t the primary driver of our success. We only win if we have the most talented team, and I plan to spend a significant amount of my time making sure that the team we’ve already built can grow, while keeping up the high standards that have led to our current success.

Thank you to Darian, the board, and to the Radius team for putting your trust in me.

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