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20+ Session Slides from the Radius B2B Champions Club

The 2nd annual Radius B2B Champions Club held at One Kearny Club in San Francisco last week afforded attendees an opportunity to step-away from Moscone and enjoy hosted food and refreshments, as well as valuable B2B educational sessions and networking activities.

With over 20 speaking sessions and 40+ speakers, the goal was to provide B2B thought leaders with content from the best and brightest in B2B.

Wondering how best to capture key takeaways and session highlights from the event to share with your team or incorporate into your existing marketing strategy? Take a look at the presentation decks from the B2B Champions Club below.


Panel: Operationalizing Revenue Growth

Learn about the B2B transformation that’s created a new Revenue Ops framework, and how operations drives revenue. Join our panel of experts as we discuss best practices for the ops functions through the four Revenue Ops pillars: Management & Strategy, Process Optimization, Technology & Project Management, and Data & Analytics.

  • Moderator: Jocelyn King, CMO, Sprimo & President of MOCCA Professional Association
  • Panelists:
  • Charlie Liang, Head of Demand Gen, Heap Analytics
  • Andy Sackley, SVP, Operations, Radius
  • Linlin Li, VP, Marketing Ops & Strategic Projects, Centrify Corporation

Customer 20/20 Keynote: The Transformative Power of Unified Customer Data Platforms

Real-time, holistic B2B customer knowledge is finally possible, and it’s changing everything: just look at Comcast’s strategic initiative to “”Know Every Business””, or Sam’s Club’s decision to reinvent their prospecting strategy. In this session, Radius’ CEO, Darian Shirazi and CPO, Mark Woollen, will explain how enterprises are mastering customer intelligence with a new breed of real-time data platforms.

  • Darian Shirazi, Co-founder & CEO, Radius
  • Mark Woollen, CPO & Head of Marketing, Radius


Keynote: Golden Age of Revenue – The State of B2B Marketing and Sales

There’s never been a better time to be in marketing or sales. That’s because AI-driven data isn’t about technology for its own sake, it’s about creating truly customer-centric experiences at scale. So, are you ready to capture the full potential of this Golden Age of Revenue? Join TOPO Co-Founder and Chief Analyst, Craig Rosenberg for an exploration of the full customer lifecycle, with targeted insights for both the near- and long-term.

  • Craig Rosenberg, Chief Analyst & Co-founder, TOPO

How the Most Active Company in The Country Activates ABM with Data Automation

Learn about the data analytics, cleansing, and enrichment strategies implemented by ACTIVE Network that gave them a data foundation to scale long-term.

  • Cristine Kao, VP, Global Marketing, Active Network

Panel: GDPR and the Future of Privacy-Conscious Marketing

GDPR and other international policies have disrupted marketing as usual. In this session, you’ll learn how to turn those challenges into opportunities. Leaders from Radius’s legal, operations and technology divisions will explain how to build a stack that’s both compliant and effective—and how to gain the advantage in a new marketing era.

  • Moderator: Marina Clements, VP, Legal Affairs, Radius
  • Panelists:
  • Joel Carusone, CTO, Radius
  • Adeel Khurshid, VP, Infrastructure & Technical Operations, Radius

Lunch with Panel: Grand Predictions for MarTech 2019-2025

Conference themes are a great way to track the major trends in enterprise technology. But, exactly how reliable are they as predictions of things to come? We’ll look back on past themes and see how they’ve fared. Then we’ll turn the tables and place our own bets on the big news in Benioff’s future keynotes.

  • Moderator: Julia Vinyard, President, Sutherland Gold
  • Panelists:
  • Craig Rosenberg, Co-Founder & Chief Analyst, TOPO
  • Esteban Kolsky, Principal & Founder, ThinkJar LLC
  • John Furrier, Co-Founder & Co-CEO, SiliconANGLE
  • Nikhil Sonnad, Reporter, Quartz

Driving Sales Efficiencies with Data Appending

The data in your CRM is mission critical, but if you can’t trust it, you can’t build on it. Find out how MINDBODY used Radius appending to bring data integrity to their CRM—and drive major efficiencies in their sales program.

  • Brandon Roberts, Sr. Director, Sales Operations, MINDBODY

Panel: State of Pipeline Marketing and What’s Next

Pipeline Marketing is fundamentally changing how marketing and sales teams work together to achieve shared revenue goals. So, just how many companies have adopted this powerful new paradigm, and what’s next? In this session, Pipeline Marketing pioneers will share the results of the 2018 State of the Pipeline and identify the big trends to watch for the coming year.

  • Moderator: Matt Heinz, President, Heinz Marketing Inc.
  • Panelists:
  • Vin Turk, Co-Founder & COO, Madison Logic
  • Randy Frisch, CMO, Uberflip
  • Kris Rudeegraap, Founder & CEO, Sendoso
  • Caitlin Ridge, Director of Corporate Marketing, Allocadia
  • Jordan Con, Product Marketing Manager, Bizible
  • Katherine Grunert, Director of Revenue & Growth Marketing, Radius

Getting the New Marketing/Sales Dynamic Right

ABM. Omnichannel Marketing. Revenue Ops. The biggest trends in B2B marketing all have one thing in common: A new level of partnership between marketing and sales. In this session we ask what that coordination really entails, and what it takes to get it right.

  • Caroline Bray, Sr. Manager, Training & Enablement, Radius
  • Kristina McMillan VP, Research, TOPO
  • Katherine Grunert, Director of Revenue & Growth Marketing, Radius


Moving Beyond Demand Gen with ABM

ABM is a full pipeline approach, but most marketers stop at the top of the funnel, reducing close rates and placing a drag on revenue. This session will show you how to think like a revenue marketer and then walk you through the strategies and programs you’ll need to capture your full revenue potential.

  • Jessica Fewless, VP, ABM Strategy, Field & Partner Marketing, Demandbase

Beyond the Inbox. New Thinking on Digital Marketing.

New technology now allows consumers to control their digital experiences. That means marketers need to expand beyond the inbox and break down the barriers that are keeping them from their increasingly sophisticated audience. Join us to learn how you can reach customers in the most timely, relevant and coordinated way across all channels.

  • Marne Reed, Chief Evangelist & VP, Strategic Alliances, PFL

Account-Based Marketing for CMOs: The Need for Change

Despite the huge excitement around ABM, many enterprise executives are still unsure that account based marketing is their best bet. In this session, you’ll learn how ABM (when it’s done right) will grow revenue, improve your brand, align your entire organization, and ultimately deliver a better customer experience.

  • Heidi Bullock, CMO, Engagio

Build Real Sales Relationships Using ABM Data

The best sales conversations come from human connection and real understanding. Of course, building relationships like that takes time and resources that few sales teams have. Until now. This session shows you how to use ABM marketing data to build comprehensive profiles of your prospects and target your conversations to the things they care about most.

  • Jordan Con, Product Marketing Manager, Bizible

ABM Leadership Panel: Getting ABM Right and Getting Ready for What’s Next

Join us for a discussion of what works in ABM, what doesn’t, and what’s going to change everything in the coming year.

  • Moderator: Rob Leavitt, Sr. VP, ITSMA
  • Panelists:
  • Kristen Alexander, CMO, Certain
  • Julia Stead, VP, Marketing, Invoca
  • Lisa Ames, VP, Demand Gen, Demandbase
  • Elle Woulfe, VP, Marketing, PathFactory
  • Justin Keller, VP, Marketing, Sigstr
  • Sandra Freeman, Head of Strategic Marketing, Engagio
  • Marne Reed, Chief Evangelist, VP, Strategic Alliances, PFL
  • Lori Peracchi, Customer Marketing Director, Optimizely
  • Katherine Grunert, Director, Revenue & Growth Marketing, Radius

What if ABM Isn’t About New Customers?

For some companies, spending too much energy trying to force an ABM strategy to acquire customers from named accounts, just isn’t worth it. Thirty percent of 10 is still less than six percent of 100. Does that mean we should ditch ABM, not necessarily. We’ll dig into how we’ve pivoted our ABM strategy to focus on existing customers and drive demand across multiple teams and organizations within a company.

  • Gary Kamikawa, VP, Demand Generation Marketing, Nintex

The ABM Content Challenge: How to Balance Personalization and Scale

ABM rises and falls on personal relevance and content, a lot of content. So how do you feed the content beast without slipping into a generic, one-size-fits-all experience? We’ll dig into some smart, effective strategies that can help you build engagement that works for the long haul.

  • Bryn Powell, Sr. Marketing Manager, Global Programs, ON24

B2B Marketing’s Big Blindspot: The Data That Can Unlock Better ABM Results

Content is the beating heart of effective B2B marketing, but most B2B marketers know next to nothing about how their audiences actually consume the content they create. This session explores a new class of data that can help marketing teams break through their silos and power relevant content at every stage of the funnel.

  • Elle Woulfe, VP, Marketing, PathFactory

Website Personalization for Account-Based Marketing

ABM is huge in B2B marketing right now, but many otherwise savvy teams are missing out on the value of website personalization. In this session, we’ll explore successful personalization case studies and show you how to integrate this critical ABM element into your overarching strategy.

  • Takeshi Young, Head of Digital Marketing, Optimizely

The Top 8 Strategies for Event Success

Events are hugely expensive, but they can deliver a major ROI. So how do you ensure that your events deliver for you? Get the right behavioral data and use it wisely. In this session, you’ll learn how leading companies are using that data to weave events into their ABM initiatives, with breakthrough results.

  • Kristen Alexander, CMO, Certain

Orchestrating Omnichannel ABM with B2B Data and Intelligence

The secret to jumpstarting a successful ABM strategy isn’t so secret: start with quality data, add the right orchestration tools and finish with Sales and Marketing alignment. Of course, knowing what it takes is one thing, putting it all together is another. In this session with Radius product marketer John Hurley, you’ll get a step-by-step action plan to move from theory to successful practice.

  • John Hurley, Sr. Director, Product Marketing, Radius


Interested in learning how to reclaim revenue by discovering your buyers, controlling your data, and reaching more customers? Join our live executive roundtable with Radius CEO, Darian Shirazi, CTO, Joel Carusone & Sr. Director of Product Marketing, John Hurley as they explore the implications of quality data in 2018 and beyond.

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