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Why Radius-Leadspace Merger Is a Major Win for Our Customers, Business, And Market

Businesses need a new go-to-market platform.

Regardless of industry, there are three massive challenges that prevent revenue-generating teams from being successful: inaccurate and incomplete data, data silos, and a lack of data analytics resources. For years, analysts, investors, and marketers believed “predictive” was the answer. Venture money poured into this space, with more than $600M raised across several of the top vendors.

However, customers struggled to adopt predictive techniques as many vendors over-invested in advanced analytics features without first solving core data quality and channel activation obstacles.

Other vendors, like Radius and Leadspace, focused on building platforms with the best data at their core, knowing that sourcing and managing data is essential to every B2B organization, and that the intelligence and audience reach would only be as good as the underlying data.

As a result, Radius and Leadspace have both been able to help enterprise customers like American Express, Google, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Microsoft, MetLife, and Sam’s Club reach landmark results. The vision and impact we’ve delivered to customers has awarded us both with amazing growth, with Radius doubling top-line revenue last year.

While we’re proud of Radius’ progress as a business, and excited about how our team and products have grown, we have continued to ask ourselves how to deliver on our mission faster. What would allow our customers to do people-based marketing across the globe? To truly manage and source their data from a single B2B data source? To trust that if they are going to invest in better data and intelligence, that they are making the right choice–choosing the market-leader with the brightest, most sustainable future?

Today, I am thrilled to announce that Radius is joining forces with Leadspace under the Radius brand. This is a giant leap forward that will make our company the largest and fastest growing player in B2B data intelligence. Together, we will serve a roster of more than 200 enterprise customers, unite the industry’s richest product offerings, combine two of its brightest workforces, and position ourselves as the dominant player to seize a $50 billion data intelligence market.

The two companies could not be more complimentary–from our diverse customer bases and teams, to our product offerings. Here’s how things stack up.

What’s truly exciting, and unique to most M&A scenarios, is that our company mission remains the same. Radius will be the nucleus that powers data and intelligence across all B2B applications, channels, and users — now built on The Global Network of Record. What Leadspace brings to our customers–and what we bring to theirs–is the ability to get there faster.

Impact to Radius and Leadspace Customers

Together, both customer bases will see significantly improved capabilities almost immediately, with zero interruption to the products and services they use today.

Radius customers will benefit from the special ability to source highly relevant and accurate international contacts, plus advances in data integration and AI-driven analytics on audiences. They’ll see significant upgrades from Leadspace’s real-time virtual database that sources data from structured databases and the Web, their Research and International Development Hub, and their go-to-market operation that can service and sell to a global marketplace.

Leadspace customers will experience the power of The Network of Record™, equipped with significantly more attributes and prospect data available for finding, managing, and reaching their best audiences to target. Further, our customers’ ability to activate those audiences across a network of more than 500 channels will soon be available to Leadspace users.

These are just a few of the near-term advantages both Radius and Leadspace customers will have over their competition. Over the next year, enhanced data intelligence solutions and services will emerge. Radius customers will extend capabilities to:

Master Data. Master Growth.

  • Extend reach and accuracy as The Network of Record unites with Leadspace’s proprietary, real-time virtual database sourcing
  • Take complete control of data governance with added data dashboard functionality
  • Enhance data matching and append for contacts, as well as lead-to-account matching features

Real Intelligence. Real Buyers.

  • Strengthen targeting on individual decision makers in both the U.S. and international markets
  • Access enhanced segmentation, scoring, and insights on contacts
  • Leverage features from two effective sales intelligence tools

Scale Channels. Scale Revenue.

  • Expand audience reach with the largest deterministic reach of any platform
  • Source more contacts with even higher accuracy and contactability rates
  • Connect more channels with more seamless integrations and partners

For more detail on the shared vision, read this post by Doug Bewsher, CEO of Leadspace and join the two of us for a live discussion (sign up here).

Since marketing automation — since Marketo’s IPO, Oracle’s acquisition of Eloqua, and Salesforce’s purchase of Pardot — came to the forefront, we have not seen a new backbone go-to-market platform. Radius and Leadspace are going to change that. Together, we will enable marketing, sales, revenue ops, and customer insights teams to finally address their data gaps and conquer their targeting challenges. We will create a standout solution in a crowded, fragmented space of point-solutions where customers are forced to stitch together multiple products or change vendors every year.

Next-gen data intelligence delivers the right data on the right buyers activated across the right channels. And together, Radius and Leadspace will deliver on our customer promise: “Not just data. Truth.”

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