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Driving Revenue with Data Append for Your CRM

A lot of companies come to Radius because they don’t have the data they need in their CRM or systems of record. Missing company information, not having the right contacts or stale contact information are major obstacles to revenue for sales and marketing teams.

The biggest challenge is ensuring high data quality, which means keeping Systems of Record continuously updated with accurate information. Most organizations are missing revenue targets, running across higher acquisition costs, and seeing lower return on marketing & sales investment because poor foundational data continues to be a problem.

  • $8.8M average cost per year due to bad data (Source: Gartner, Nov 2015)
  • 79% of CROs don’t know where their revenue will come from (Source: Xactly, May 2014)

Many solutions that exist today to help with appending data from form-fillers to mass updates, but very few focus on data quality and building out workflow tools to address a full suite of use cases.

To address foundational data problems, we spent years building a proprietary, always-on data source called The Network of Record. The Network of Record provides a holistic view of B2B data across the U.S. landscape – built from hundreds of partner, public, and contributed sources – fueled by a network-effect-driven model made up of hundreds of companies contributing over 1 billion anonymized and aggregated business interactions.

Data Append enables teams & systems with the data for greater sales productivity, funnel conversion and revenue operations efficiency. We allow you to append from 18M businesses with over 50+ firmographic attributes and 30M contacts, so your teams can count on your CRM to be comprehensive and updated. Data Append with Radius ensures revenue ops teams can…

  • Fill in the gaps in your data to see a fuller picture of your customers and prospects
  • Reach more prospects with more contacts and contact information
  • Reduce sales rep manual data requirements and required form fields
  • Enable your team to select the target accounts with Account Enrichment

Below are the use cases we’ve solved for to help you build healthier pipeline.

Append All Existing Records (Empty fields)

Bulk append to instantly address data gaps in leads, accounts, contacts

This enables sales and marketing teams to append firmographic and contact information in bulk to existing accounts, contacts and leads in their CRM, so that existing gaps in data are addressed immediately. This is the first step towards data cleanliness for companies already struggling with incomplete records in their CRM. For marketing, this can instantly boost data quality of their leads to help identify the most promising leads. For sales operations, this could be filling in accounts with the right firmographic information to enable better territory planning.

Append New Records (Inbound)

Inbound/Real-time Append SFDC

To address ongoing data quality, we also help append data to lead, account and contact records as these records are imported into CRM systems. This can help marketers reduce the number of fields they ask on web form fills. For sales, this can ensure that accounts created in their CRM will have the necessary firmographic fields (headcount, revenue, industry) for territory planning.

Append New Radius-Sourced Records

To make sure every record has the right information to make decisions, we allow you to append unlimited number of Radius fields with every new lead, account or contact so that you can be sure every new records from Radius has the information your teams need.

Append New Contacts to Existing Accounts (ABM-Contact Coverage)

While ABM focuses on target accounts, marketing and sales team still need those key contacts to engage and convert buyers. Once, you have your target accounts in Salesforce using a solution like Account Selection and Account Scoring, many of our customers we left wondering how to add more contacts to those accounts. To support an account-based marketing strategy, we allow you to append new contacts for existing accounts. We will send up to 10 contacts per account to Salesforce at one time.  

Append New Contact Records & Missing Contact Data in Radius Connect

Record by Record, Search and Filter

Getting the right contacts for an account is crucial to every sales team and salespeople often live in CRM. With Radius Connect, salespeople can search for contacts of an account directly in Salesforce.

To save time, Radius Connect also allows you to create new contacts directly in Salesforce or to append additional contact information for existing contacts, so they have all the information where they need it.

To take advantage of Data Append today, request a demo and ask for to see data append! Our team will work to customize a demo and presentation that shows you exactly how append and other powerful data intelligence capabilities can help you grow pipeline and increase productivity.

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