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The Best in B2B at Dreamforce 2017

Dreamforce 2017 was packed with an exciting schedule featuring great events, incredible keynotes, and informative speaking sessions. We know how busy of a week it is, so that’s why Radius decided to host the B2B Champion’s Club in conjunction with Dreamforce 2017. With over 25 speaking sessions and 60+ speakers, our goal was to provide progressive B2B thought leaders with content from the best and brightest in B2B.

And if you’re like me, you’re probably still buzzing with everything you heard and saw during the sessions and keynotes. So what’s next?

Now’s the time to capture that Dreamforce energy and put it to work in your world. That’s why we’ve provided the presentation decks and recordings from our packed few days at the B2B Champions Club below.

Monday, November 6, 2017

The Rise of Revenue Ops – The B2B Transformation Panel

  • Moderator: Amit Varshneya, CEO, Martech Advisor
  • Charlie Liang, Director of Marketing, Engagio
  • Brian Hansford VP Client Services, Marketing Tech & Performance MGMT, Heinz Marketing
  • Amanda Ovenden, Director, Marketing and Sales Performance, Allocadia
  • Jenn Steele, VP Product Marketing, Bizible
  • Jocelyn King, Senior Director, B2B Global Demand at Intel and President, MOCCA

Top Women in Revenue Panel

  • Shari Johnston, SVP Marketing, Radius
  • Jennifer Pockell-Dimas, VP Marketing & Business Ops, Plex
  • Julia Stead, VP Marketing, Invoca
  • Lauren Goldstein, Chief Revenue Officer, Annuitas

What’s it Take to Win the World Series? Big Data Grand Slam

  • Paul Greenberg, Founder, The 56 Group
  • Mark Woollen, Chief Product Officer, Radius
  • Jerry Drobny, VP, Strategic Revenue Services, SF Giants

How Tech Companies Can Master Storytelling to Reach Their Customers

  • Christoph Trappe, VP Content Marketing Strategy, Americas, ScribbleLive

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

ABM Alliance Panel Discussion: Getting ahead of the ABM revolution

  • Moderator: Craig Rosenberg, Chief Analyst & Co-founder, TOPO
  • Lisa Ames, VP Demand Generation, DemandBase
  • Heidi Bullock, Chief Marketing Officer, Engagio
  • Kristen Alexander, VP Marketing, Certain
  • Carl Tsukahara, CMO, Optimizely
  • Jenn Steele, VP Product Marketing, Bizible
  • Shari Johnston, SVP Marketing, Radius
  • Elle Woulfe, VP Marketing, Lookbook HQ

Solid from Start to Finish: The Future of Events

  • Kristen Alexander, VP Marketing, Certain

Delivering Content in an ABM World

  • Elle Woulfe, VP Marketing, LookbookHQ

The Future of ABM

  • Peter Isaacson, Chief Marketing Officer, Demandbase

CMOs: Don’t Want to Report to a CRO? Here’s Your Blueprint for Better Marketing Planning

  • Jenn Steele, VP Product Marketing, Bizible

Lunch & ABM Tank: Separating the Best New ABM Products from the Rest

  • Beau Scroggins, Sr. Product Manager, Radius
  • Jeff Freeman, Director Product Management, Demandbase
  • Charlie Liang, Director Marketing, Engagio
  • James Huddleston, Sr. Director Product Marketing, Certain
  • Elle Woulfe, VP Marketing, LookBook HQ
  • Jenn Steele, VP Product Marketing, Bizable
  • Claire Vo, Sr. Director Product & Brigitte Donner, VP Marketing, Optimizely

From Prospect to Customer: Maximize Lifetime Value with Account Based Marketing

  • Heidi Bullock, Chief Marketing Officer, Engagio

Transforming Your Customer Experience with Your Brand Using Personalization + Experimentation

  • Carl Tsukahara, Cheif Marketing Officer, Optimizely

You Can’t Buy a Beer With a Hashtag: How to Translate #ABM Into Execution, Pipeline & Closed Deals

  • Matt Heinz, President, Heinz Marketing

Radius ABM: Building Meaningful Connections through Data and Intelligence

  • Beau Scroggins, Sr. Product Manager, Radius
  • John Hurley, Sr. Director of Product Marketing, Radius

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Bringing B2C Advertising to B2B

  • Darian Sirazi, CEO, Radius
  • Anneka Gupta, CEO, LiveRamp

Discovering Square’s Top Customer Segments & Driving Engagement

  • Thomas Cyr, Marketing Manager, Lead Gen & Programs, Square
  • Rathna Sundaralingam, Director of Customer Success & Enablement, Radius

Strategies for Aligning Sales and Marketing Through Data Intelligence and Innovation

  • Moderator: David Obrand, COO, Radius
  • John Reints, Director Marketing Operations, MarketSource
  • Steve Bonvissuto, Executive Director of Innovation, MarketSource
  • John Lippert, VP Commercial Business Development, MarketSource
  • Jen Mingo, SVP Customer Success, Radius

Turnkey Intelligent Solution to Reach and Convert Hyper-Targeted Audiences across all Digital Channels

  • Chandra Surbhat, VP & Global Head – Conntected Customer Experience, Wipro

Expanding your B2B Advertising Reach with Business to Consumer Profile Matching

  • Joel, Director, Data Sourcing & Partnerships, Radius

Orchestrating ABM Omnichannel with B2B Data & Technology

  • Andrew Lihani, Enterpise Pardot Specialist, Salesforce
  • Jen Mingo, Senior Vice President, Customer Success, Radius

B2B CMO Panel

  • Jeanniey Mullen, Chief Marketing Officer, Mercer
  • Greg Ott, Growth Architect | Brand Builder, Nav Inc.
  • Scott Vaughan, Chief Marketing Officer, Integrate
  • Andrew Gaffney, President, G3 Communications

The Future of B2B Advertising Roundtable

  • Moderator: Kristen Craig, Partner Marketing Manager, Radius
  • Jessica Ulin, SVP of Media, DWA Media
  • Andrew Kaplan, Group Manager Product Marketing, LinkedIn
  • Dan Buckstaff, Head of Partner Marketing, LiveRamp
  • Louis Moynihan, MarTech Partnerships Lead, Global Marketing Solutions, Facebook

Thursday, November 9, 2017

B2B Data & Intelligence for SMB Marketers: Top Three Ways to Convert More SMBs

  • John Hurley, Senior Director, Product Marketing, Radius

Drive Intelligence Through the Funnel: Box Masters B2B Data to Fuel Growth

  • Lauren Vaccarello, VP Marketing, Box

Predicting Growth: How Data-Driven AI Transformed Sales for Nextep

  • Christy Hrencher, Manager of Marketing, Nextep
  • Breanna Honeycutt, VP of Sales, Nextep

To learn more on the biggest trends at Dreamforce and just as importantly, what might have been overlooked, join our live executive roundtable with Radius CEO, Darian Shirazi, CPO, Mark Woollen & SVP Marketing, Shari Johnson as they discuss what tools, processes, and trends will define growth in 2018.

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