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5 Reasons You Should Not Visit The Radius Booth At SiriusDecisions Summit

We hope you’re ready for some interesting conversations that drive revenue growth because the SiriusDecisions Summit is underway this week! With successful keynote speakers like Daymond John and award winning bands like Counting Crows lined up, there’s sure to be plenty of learning and partying going on at the Venetian.

Fitting in with this theme of driving revenue, Radius will have a real Formula 1 car simulator at our booth. Stop by and take a drive (tweet a pic for a chance to win Ray Bans).


Now the Summit, as with every other event, features a who’s who of companies and we’ll have a booth set up to demo Radius and talk about how we can help you drive revenue. But given the general craziness that ensues around such events and pre-filled schedules chalk full of sessions, keynotes, and other meetings – we wanted to help simplify the chaos.

Before you stop by the Radius booth, check out this list first. If you find that you fit most or all of the criteria shared here, skip the visit to our booth. Chances are you’re killing it this year and besides pleasantries or the weather we won’t have much to chat about.

1) You have stellar customer data that is always accurate

If all of your customer data in your CRM and marketing automation platform is completely up to date, fresh, and accurate, you may not want to stop by our booth. Instead, grab some food or get coffee. Then, kick back and congratulate yourself on your team’s data stewardship capabilities.

You don’t need Radius to help you. After all, every phone call, email, and direct mailer your team has ever sent out are reaching your target buyers. Better yet, you’re probably hearing back from all of your prospects too – engaging them across every channel, not wasting a single penny on marketing spend. With the high ROI you’re seeing from your current marketing efforts, you don’t need to chat with us about the quality of your foundational data or how it’s stifling demand and inhibiting growth.

2) You can easily identify and target your best prospects with personalized campaigns

Amassing a large number of leads are a thing of the past. Marketing teams now operate on a superior level of instinct focusing on quality over quantity, using revenue as their barometer for success. Or, at least that’s the rhetoric used in B2B today. But it’s very likely that revenue-driven marketing efforts are more than just a party-line for your business, it’s a way of organizational thinking and strategy (similar to these companies).

Odds are your marketing team can quickly identify and understand your most promising prospects. If that’s the case then it really doesn’t make sense to come talk to us. Most marketing departments struggle to find that 20% of leads that are going to drive 80% of their revenue. Or, they simply lack the rich insights needed about their top customer segments – limiting the engagement seen across most channels.

But if your marketing department is different and you have the ability to identify and target all your best prospects, with engagement and conversion rates going through the roof, save yourself a trip to the Radius booth.

3) You execute Omnichannel Marketing flawlessly

As a savvy marketer, you’re most likely aware that using multiple channels or an Omnichannel strategy is vastly superior and effective to a single-channel approach. You may have even adopted an Omnichannel approach, making your customer the center of your marketing and seen immeasurable value from it. We can relate – that’s why we recently made a major announcement about Omnichannel Marketing.

If running campaigns across multiple channels are easy, then you’ve most likely hacked the secret to true marketing success – operating at the intersection between customer behavior and marketing-led efforts. There’s really no reason you should come by our booth because we’re going to talk a fair amount about how to execute Omnichannel effectively and in a scalable manner. You’ll hear us highlight the importance of consistent, seamless journeys and explain in detail how B2B marketing teams can find success with a customer-centric model.

That’s not all. We’ll even cover the importance of foundational customer data and highlight the diverse set of integrations across systems that enable an Omnichannel strategy in the first place.

4) You’ve developed winning go-to-market strategies built on deeper insights

Knowledge is power, and your team is more powerful than ever before. You’ve built the perfect strategy to get your product to the prospects who need it the most. In fact, your go-to-market teams rarely guess. There are no smoke and mirrors when it comes to the insights you use to develop smart campaigns.

Your marketing and sales teams operate on a higher level of insights – getting real-time information about your customers, top opportunities, and market potential. You have a competitive edge with an always-on, customizable view of historic successes and future opportunities. But that’s not all.

Your team consistently boosts marketing and sales ROI – targeting the right customer segments and connecting with them effectively. Campaigns are designed for the most promising prospects and messaging is hyper-personalized to resonate with each audience segment. In short, you move quickly from strategy to action – leveraging strong market intelligence, superior data, and deeper insights to make the go-to-market side of your business run.

If that sounds like you, congratulations…seriously. There’s no reason for you to visit us at the Summit.

5) Co-marketing is easy, secure, and highly optimized

When your team executes a co-marketing campaign with a new partner, you find that everything is easy (just like sipping a cocktail at our ‘Betting To Win” party).

Your co-marketing is in the fast lane. You don’t ever have trouble unlocking your partnership’s true potential – your campaigns are built on instant visibility into shared accounts and full market potential. You don’t ever face compatibility or security issues associated with co-marketing.

In other words, your co-marketing campaigns are built to scale, enabling simple yet, secure collaboration.

If that’s the case, you may hear us repeat a lot of things you’re already doing. How adding insights, security, and ease to the co-marketing process can help unlock true partner potential. Bridging the gaps in time, manpower, and common challenges that prevent powerful campaigns from coming to reality.

All levity aside…

If you do excel at some or all of these things, then congratulations! We’d still like to hear from you to learn your recipe for success. But on the off chance that you find yourself falling short in any of these areas, swing by our booth.

In addition to what we’ve outlined above, you’ll also hear conversations at our booth around lead scoring, account-based marketing, and AI. Revenue success isn’t just a catchy phrase for us – it’s a core focus we engender for our customers with superior data and rich insights.

So, stop by the Radius booth at the SiriusDecisions Summit. Or better yet, come take a drive in our Formula 1 race car simulator!

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