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B2B Omnichannel Marketing is Finally Here

How great would it be if we could just put a billboard in front of all your top prospects’ office buildings? While that option might not be scalable, you can still get in front of your top prospects anywhere and everywhere. We all know that breaking through the noise to reach the right buyer at the right time and via the right channel is our biggest challenge. Yet, it is also our greatest opportunity.

Buyers’ behaviors have fundamentally changed. I know I personally have not had a landline phone in years and with caller ID and increasingly sophisticated email filters are contributing to diminishing engagement in the traditional channels of email and phone. B2B buyers’ expectations are now increasingly evolving to be more in line with their B2C experiences. Adapting to these shifting buyer needs has required significant time and energy, and in some cases hasn’t even been possible… until now.

I’m excited to share that today Radius announced that the Radius Revenue Platform enables B2B marketers to provide a seamless omnichannel experience to their prospects and customers. Marketers can now take advantage of a complete marketing mix directly from Radius that deploys to all channels, including email, phone, field, and direct mail, as well as digital and social channels. With the addition of integrations to Google Adwords, Facebook, and DMP’s, a full omnichannel experience is now possible.

The ability to segment a highly targeted set of prospects and engage with them with a consistent message across multiple channels is game changing. Omnichannel is not something we as B2B marketers can ignore. Radius is uniquely positioned to help B2B marketers reach their target prospects and customers wherever they are. By tapping into our vast network of always-on B2B data, The Network of Record, marketers are able to match business profiles to consumer profiles, extending our customers’ ability to reach their target audience.

As a career-long marketer who is passionate about marketing to marketers, I believe that the advantages of Radius Revenue Platform’s Omnichannel integrations are profound. The ability to link insights to actions enables you to:

  • Easily Amplify Campaigns: Drive more leads through your funnel to conversion with unlimited access to net-new prospects from The Network of Record that look like your best customers.
  • Seamlessly Expand Reach: Deploy campaigns directly from the Radius Revenue Platform into social, email, DMP, phone, and direct mail channels.
  • Effortlessly Personalize Messaging: Leverage hundreds of buying signals from The Network of Record to marry personalized messaging to each hyper-targeted audience.

Now our customers are strategically applying their data budgets toward a seamless omnichannel approach that engages with their target audience in ways not previously possible, seeing better ROI on their marketing spend.

Interested in getting started with B2B omnichannel? Check out our Omnichannel eBook: B2B Marketer’s Guide to Omnichannel.

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