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Marketing & Sales Leaders: How To Leverage Data To Gain An Unfair Advantage

Thinking of marketing & sales strategies to reach aggressive revenue targets? You’re not alone.

B2B marketing and sales leaders are constantly being challenged to identify new ways to drive revenue. A task that is increasingly becoming difficult given the combination of disrupted markets, dynamic buyers, and a diverse set of technologies & tactics.

How can leaders stand out in this ever-changing landscape? What opportunities actually exist out there to drive scalable growth? What about unlocking the secret to revenue and having go-to-market teams prioritize the right efforts for maximum ROI?

You need answers and we’ve got you covered. That’s why we’re hosting a webinar on March 30th guided by Guest Speaker, Forrester VP and Principal Analyst, Laura Ramos and featuring Radius’ very own John Hurley, Director of Demand Gen & Content.

In this webinar, Laura and John will define the four principles shaping the age of the customer and discuss why new methods for data stewardship offer go-to-market leaders an unfair advantage. We invite you to join Radius and our guest from Forrester to hear how winners play by a new set of rules, including:

  • Shift from a vendor-driven to a customer-lead strategy
  • Address data gaps using powerful network-effects
  • Evolve to advanced maturity stages & new disruptive advantages
  • Connect the backbone platforms that find & engage buyers

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