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5 Spotify Playlists To Get You Through The Work Week

It’s no secret that music plays a big role in our lives, and is a major contributor to our productivity and mood throughout the week.

For me personally, music is what gets me through the work week. When I’m not meeting with Radius customers or my colleagues, you can be sure to find me at my desk with headphones on, admittedly listening to music a little too loudly at times. It’s not uncommon that with music blaring, I become totally unaware of my surroundings, only to be brought back by a tap on the shoulder or the occasional paper airplane flying across my desk.

I’m sure you’re no different. So, to help my fellow music lovers kick-start their Mondays or maybe even get over those mid-week blues, I compiled a list of playlists that will have you jamming through the week – staying productive and happy!

1. When you have to focus (or may be still waking up)

Playlist name: But first, coffee

Spotify Playlists - When You Have To Focus

Ever have those days where you can’t seem to will yourself awake? Where the perfect comfort of your bed, the rain outside your window, and copious amounts of sleep you want to have seemed to negate every bribe you can offer yourself to get up? Or, maybe it’s just Monday?

No matter how hard I try, I am not a morning person, so this is often the first thing I turn on when I wake up to help me ease into the day. The magic combination of this playlist and the cold brew coffee on tap in the kitchen (#startuplife) give me the motivation I need to face the day’s challenges ahead at full force.

2. When you need a pick-me-up

Playlist name: Good Vibes Only

Spotify playlists - When you need a pick me up

You know those days where you could just use a break? Nothing seems to go your way – your calendar is packed with meetings, the office WiFi cuts out during an important call, or you run out of avocados at the office.

Things don’t always go right – that’s where this playlist can help. This is the playlist to help you get through the mishaps, no matter how big or small.

3. When…ever

Playlist name: ODESZA + friends

Spotify playlists - Whenever

Now if you’re wondering why I’m writing this post, it’s because I’m a bit of a self-proclaimed music guru / playlist connoisseur. This next playlist is one of my favorites and arguably my Spotify magnum opus.

After all, what would a blog post about music be without a shameless plug for my famous “ODESZA + friends” playlist? Almost two years in the making, this playlist now has over 16 hours of music and is great for a long day (or two) at work. If you’re as obsessed with this type of ambient, downtempo music as I am, it works for any time of day, mood, or task. Just press ‘Shuffle’ and enjoy! (You can thank me later)

4. When you need to relax

Playlist name: 10 hours on a plane

Spotify playlists - Relax

Similar to traveling, work can be hectic sometimes. Originally made for a long international flight, these songs have served me beyond those 10 hours on a plane from San Francisco to Stockholm. When I need to unwind a little after a big meeting or simply want to de-compress during a workday, I pop in my headphones, find a quiet place in the office and relax.

5. When you want to celebrate

Playlist name: Unapologetically Basic

Spotify playlists - Time to celebrate

Made it through the work week or simply want to celebrate the big wins – this is the playlist for you!

In addition to my love for yoga and rosé, I also have a soft spot in my heart for The Chainsmokers and Justin Bieber. You’ve probably already heard most of these songs one too many times, but they’re popular for a reason. This is the kind of playlist I like to put on at the end of the week during one of our weekly company happy hours (I call it the “Hour of Serenity”) to celebrate everything we accomplished that week.

Bonus playlist: When you need to write

Let’s face it, we all need to write stuff down from time to time. Whether it’s a blog post (like this one) or our daily emails – music can help get over that writer’s block. But if you’re like me then chances are you need instrumentals that serve as ambient noise without actually distracting you with words.

This playlist, compiled by one of our Product Marketing Managers, will help you do exactly that.

For more music suggestions, follow me on Spotify or SoundCloud. Have suggestions of your own – let us know in the comments below.

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