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How To Evaluate Predictive For Your Business

Most enterprises pay for somewhere between 10 to 16 corporate applications.

Okta’s Business at Work 2016 Report

If you take a look at the SaaS track record, you would probably notice a few important, albeit familiar milestones that highlight its trajectory:

  1. Disrupting legacy on-premise processes (old news, I know)
  2. Increasing consumerization of IT (largely caused by line of business owners making more purchasing decisions)
  3. Major wins like Salesforce who have about 20% of the CRM market (as of 2015)
  4. Large expansions in key ecosystems like MarTech (3,500 solutions and counting)

And, while nobody really knows when the market for SaaS will become saturated, there’s one undeniable fact that all organizations are currently facing – there are tons of solutions to choose from.

The growth in offerings has created a dilemma for buyers. A multitude of options give buyers plenty of free choice, but a lot of ‘noise’ and confusion is created at the same time. After all, with an increasingly crowded ecosystem and lack of perceived differentiation between product offerings, how do you know which solution is best for your company and can deliver on promised value?

It’s a challenge that is prevalent in predictive as well. In a space deeply rooted in complex concepts like machine learning & AI and has specialized use cases that you’re not inherently familiar with, how can marketers and line of business owners identify the best solution for their needs?

Introducing The Predictive Evaluation Series

To prevent marketers from “spraying their marketing dollars” in the hopes of ROI, especially in a hot, emerging category like predictive analytics, we launched the Predictive Evaluation Series.

Put simply, this 3-part playbook series covers how you can assess predictive vendors and build a business case to support this new solution in your marketing tech stack – optimizing your marketing spend and delivering high ROI.

Here’s a break-up of the 3 playbooks and how you can benefit from subscribing to the series:

1) How To Effectively Sell Predictive Internally

Selling Predictive Internally Playbook

Most marketing purchases require buy-in from your team these days – adopting a mentality of building champions within your organization is the quickest path to successful adoption of predictive.

But educating stakeholders about predictive and establishing expectations & value is not an easy task. So, this playbook highlights the best practices you can adopt to kick off your predictive evaluation process on the right note.

By reading this playbook, you will be able to:

  1. Effectively build consensus across your business for predictive
  2. Educate stakeholders about critical factors driving the need for predictive
  3. Navigate the predictive buying journey and proactively engage vendors

2) How To Select The Right Predictive Vendor

How To Select Right Predictive Vendor

Vendor assessment is a critical part of any evaluation process, but predictive isn’t your garden-variety SaaS platform that can be reviewed at face value (nor should it be). We’ve found that the most successful predictive adopters are teams that compare vendors by…

Focusing on the outputs specific to their company’s pain point and use case, as well as the ability of the providers to partner effectively within their requirements, technology ecosystem, and team.

This playbook addresses that by providing readers with the definitive assessment framework that we created with Kerry Cunningham from SiriusDecisions.

By reading this playbook, you will be able to:

  1. Assess predictive vendors based on your business needs
  2. Implement the definitive assessment framework in practice
  3. Learn from companies that have successfully evaluated predictive vendors

3) How To Build A Business Case For Predictive

Building A Business Case For Predictive

Once you have sold the value of predictive to internal stakeholders and assessed potential solutions, it’s time to build a business case. At the end of the day, your executive team cares about cost and revenue – how much will a predictive solution cost and what kind of revenue (and in turn ROI) can you expect from it.

The third and final playbook in this series provides marketers with a detailed process to highlight key top- and bottom-line business metrics, address ROI, and draw budget for such a technology purchase.

By reading this playbook, you will be able to:

  1. Measure key performance metrics when evaluating vendors
  2. Calculate predictive ROI for your business
  3. Effectively draw budget for a predictive investment

Build A Compelling Case For Predictive

Marketers are increasingly adopting predictive as a backbone layer – the system of insights that drives their go-to-market strategy. But in a space plagued by a growing number of marketing technologies, organizations are wary of “spraying their marketing dollars” in the hopes of ROI.

The Predictive Evaluation Series is a great primer for anyone looking to adopt predictive into their tech stack and offers actionable guides & best practices to ensure long-term success.

If you’re currently evaluating predictive for your business, need help selecting a suitable vendor, or want to build a business case, subscribe to the series and get these playbooks delivered directly to your inbox.

Predictive Evaluation Series

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