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Top Marketing Blogs You Should Be Reading

Content is everywhere these days. For marketers, it probably doesn’t come as a surprise that blogs are the second most used tactic for content marketing (behind social media content).

B2B Content Marketing Trends 2017 - Blogs

Source: B2B Content Marketing – 2017 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends Report

But if you’re like me, then chances are you’re pretty selective with your blog subscriptions and visits. After all, how do you make sense of all “noise” with the constant deluge of new content? That’s exactly why we share a list of the top marketing blogs each year.

Here are our lists from previous years:

If you’re looking for the best resources on all things marketing or simply want to fill up on some great content – check out this comprehensive list of the best marketing blogs from 2016.

Note: To make it easier to navigate this list, we broke it up into multiple categories.

B2B Marketing Blogs

HubSpot’s Marketing Blog

What do they talk about: Variety of B2B topics ranging from demand generation, content marketing, SEO, social media, etc.

Why should I read it: HubSpot has an army of writers, partners, guest bloggers, and influencers that all contribute across a wide range of topics every day. Their blog features the latest how-to articles spanning various B2B marketing topics including hands-on guides that help marketers implement best-in-class strategies for their business.


What do they talk about: Content ranges from marketing strategy to best practices across a variety of formats including podcasts, articles, and tutorials

Why should I read it: MarketingProfs, championed by Ann Hadley, is a content staple for marketers looking to learn about the latest trends or sourcing ideas on how to improve marketing for their own brands. It’s a more traditional content resource that has stood the test of time and continues to offer high-quality articles that are grounded in actionable insights.


What do they talk about: Topics literally range across anything and everything related to marketing

Why should I read it: If there’s one thing Marketo does really well, it’s content. Whether you want to brush up on best practices for an existing strategy, wish to learn about new concepts, or simply want train yourself on a new skillset – visit the Marketo blog. They have a vast library that spans across all marketing topics.


What do they talk about: B2B content that helps companies build successful sales and marketing teams

Why should I read it: TOPO is a research advisory firm that offers the latest marketing and sales insights to B2B companies that they’ve collected by helping various brands scale in a rapidly evolving landscape. The blog features a variety of content from guest posts and leading influencers that helps you master and scale your efforts across your business.

Heinz Marketing

What do they talk about: B2B news, trends, and how-tos about digital marketing

Why should I read it: Heinz Marketing, a Seattle-based marketing agency founded by Matt Heinz, provides daily insights on B2B marketing news, trends, and helpful how-tos. Subscribing to this blog gives you a daily dose of content from multiple, seasoned marketing pros.

Demand Gen Report

What do they talk about: Marketing automation, content marketing, demand gen best practices, tips, and trends

Why should I read it: Demand Gen Report is an established publication for B2B marketing professionals and as such their content spans across a wide range of topics like marketing automation, content marketing, mobile & social trends, and lead scoring & nurturing. More specifically they post excellent, snackable content around demand gen best practices and tips. They also feature real-world examples of companies doing interesting things with demand generation, all of which can be conveniently found in their weekly newsletter.

Social Media Blogs

Buffer Blog

What do they talk about: Long-form, well-researched posts on various online marketing topics with a focus on social media

Why should I read it: Arguably one of my top 5 favorite blogs, Buffer shares content that is useful, actionable, and highly transparent about the latest in online marketing with a primary focus on social media. They’re a must-have for any content feed and as an added bonus they also have one of the best startup culture blogs out there.


What do they talk about: Social media content including best practices and tips

Why should I read it: Hootsuite offers a more analytical spin on social media content in the form of digestible posts that range from industry news and product updates to the latest trends and best practices.

Sprout Social Insights

What do they talk about: Social media best practices, tips, tricks, and hacks

Why should I read it: From best practices to handy tips, everything about Sprout Social’s content screams social media success. Content varies from tactical tips to more high-level social media strategies. Also be sure to check out #SproutChat for a lively conversation on all things social.

Content Marketing Blogs

Convince and Convert

What do they talk about: Content marketing, social media, influencer marketing, and customer experience

Why should I read it: Named the #1 content marketing blog in the world by CMI, Convince & Convert is run by influencer Jay Baer and his team of senior digital marketing & customer experience experts. The blog features articles around content marketing best practices on how to build and scale an effective, high-performing strategy.

Content Marketing Institute (CMI)

What do they talk about: All things content marketing from tips & best practices to building world-class content strategies

Why should I read it: Arguably one of the premier blogs about content marketing, CMI features some of the best thought leadership, practitioner insights, and strategic information about content marketing. They also publish some of the leading research on content marketing every year that influences and defines content strategy across organizations. Be sure to check out their 2017 benchmark study on content marketing.


What do they talk about: Content marketing and copywriting

Why should I read it: A must-have for any marketer who writes on a regular basis, Copyblogger shares content that can help you become a better writer. They cover topics ranging from content creation, conversion-optimized copywriting, and brand storytelling.

TopRank Blog

What do they talk about: Content marketing, influencer marketing, social media, and other online marketing topics

Why should I read it: A digital marketing agency founded by Lee Odden and Susan Misukanis, TopRank showcases an impressive list of achievements while also being a familiar source for content marketing insights. TopRank’s blog covers a variety of online marketing topics while also being a well-known and highly-ranked source for content marketing resources.


What do they talk about: Content marketing, interactive content, design & storytelling

Why should I read it: Ceros is a beautifully designed blog that shares long-form posts about interactive content, design, and storytelling. In this blog, you’ll find a good mix of marketing best practices and specific design guidelines.

Analytics, SEO, and Conversion optimization Blogs


What do they talk about: Topics range from SEO, content marketing, google updates, and more

Why should I read it: A daily destination for marketers looking to optimize their SEO efforts, the Moz blog features the latest updates and insights into the world of search engine optimization, responsive design, and content marketing (among other things). It’s a great resource for marketers who need to understand the finer details underlying their day-to-day responsibilities. Also, don’t forget to check out some of their awesome series like Whiteboard Fridays.


What do they talk about: All things conversion optimization and A/B testing

Why should I read it: Optimizely’s blog dabbles in the world of conversion optimization and shares content to help marketers do exactly that – drive conversions across a variety of marketing programs & channels. Their blog features a great mix of how-tos, best practices, and customer stories that can help you take your marketing to the next level.

The Daily Egg

What do they talk about: Conversion optimization and analytics

Why should I read it: In their own words, The Daily Egg helps make conversion optimization easy. The content itself will vary across conversion best practices and tools, copywriting, content marketing, and other functional aspects of marketing. But the blog is perhaps home to one of the rich sources of content provided by Neil Patel himself. Known for detailed, long-form posts that are surprisingly educational, yet easy reads, you can expect a slew of great content from this blog.


What do they talk about: Analytics, marketing, and testing

Why should I read it: A staple for any marketer focused on analytics, KISSmetrics features some of the best content around website & customer analytics, marketing best practices, and A/B testing. Their “no frills” approach is a refreshing change of pace, so readers can expect to get deep dives into specific, relevant topics that educate and inform.

Occam’s Razor

What do they talk about: Digital marketing and analytics

Why should I read it: Founded by Avinash Kaushik, Occam’s Razor features some of the best long-form content on digital marketing and analytics on the web. However, prepare yourself for a long wait as the content frequency is usually once a month, but when one of Avinash’ posts does grace your inbox, you can expect marketing gold.

Bizible blog

What do they talk about: Pipeline marketing

Why should I read it: A go-to resource for all things pipeline marketing, Bizible is home to great B2B marketing tips across a variety of topics like lead generation, content marketing, demand gen, and others. If you’re looking to grow pipeline, this is the blog for you.


What do they talk about: Landing page and conversion optimization

Why should I read it: Ever wonder how to build a high-converting landing page? Want to know how you can A/B test different elements of your website? Unbounce has you covered. The Unbounce blog features a ton of great content about building optimized web pages that convert your site traffic. Subscribe to their blog if you’re looking to increase conversions and need genuinely helpful content. Also be sure to check out their resource center, which features some excellent eBooks (here’s my favorite).

Email Marketing Blogs


What do they talk about: Email marketing & MailChimp best practices

Why should I read it: Mailchimp is known to be the go-to source for email marketers looking to improve their efforts while also using Mailchimp. While the blog does have a specific product focus, there are great insights on email marketing best practices.

Campaign Monitor

What do they talk about: Email marketing optimization, best practices, and tips

Why should I read it: The Campaign Monitor team cranks out great content around email marketing ranging from best practices to strategies that will work for your business. They offer actionable tips on things like email list growth, subject line optimization, best practices, and more. The best part – all the content is easily consumable, so you have to spend less time to get the insights you need.


What do they talk about: All things email marketing

Why should I read it: Another great candidate for awesome blog (and website) design, the Litmus blog features great content on marketing analytics, campaign best practices, and email success metrics. The Litmus blog also features handy little insights like a counter in that sidebar that tells you the current top email clients.

ABM Blogs


What do they talk about: Account-based marketing

Why should I read it: We’re big on ABM here at Radius, so you can be assured we’re regular visitors to the Demandbase blog. They feature the latest content on account-based marketing best practices and strategy. Also be sure to check out their #AskJessABM Twitter chat every week.


What do they talk about: Account-based everything

Why should I read it: Home to the term account-based everything, the Engagio blog is the premier source for all things account-based like ABM and ABSD (sales development). A thought leader in the ABE space, you can expect to hear a lot of the latest trends and best practice guidelines here first.

Video Marketing


What do they talk about: Video marketing strategy & content

Why should I read it: The Vidyard blog publishes content about various video topics like video marketing strategies, optimizing video campaigns, and creating compelling video content for your business. The blog focuses on all things video and how to make it an asset in your marketing toolkit.


What do they talk about: Video and marketing tips

Why should I read it: If you’re a startup marketer looking to create professional marketing videos on a budget, Wistia’s blog may be one of the best resources for you. In addition to their growing library of video marketing best practices, Wistia is home to some of the best video production content on the web. You can literally build your video marketing strategy and production equipment from the insights they have to offer (talk about actionable).

Marketing Trends & Technology

Seth’s Blog

What do they talk about: Marketing inspiration that makes you think

Why should I read it: A seasoned entrepreneur with a storied past in publishing and online marketing, Seth’s content documents the journey of the modern buyer. Seth’s posts are easily consumable and a great resource for any marketer looking to benefit from his wisdom or simply in need of inspiration.

Chief Marketing Technologist Blog

What do they talk about: Convergence of marketing trends and technology

Why should I read it: If you’ve heard a lot of chatter about the growing martech space and tech stack, chances are that you found one of Scott Brinker’s posts. A must-have for all modern marketing teams, Chiefmartec highlights a variety of topics on marketing trends & technology, most notably around the state of martech today and some of the biggest marketing management challenges facing leaders in the space.

Tomasz Tunguz

What do they talk about: All things startup focused

Why should I read it: Tomasz Tunguz, a partner at Redpoint, offers unique insights in the form of short, data-driven content that highlights some of the key questions facing startups today. While his blog isn’t strictly “marketing” focused, it’s an excellent resource for anyone in the SaaS space looking to learn about the latest benchmarks and best practices. Here’s a recent post of his about marketing and customer acquisition strategies

Customer Experience Matrix

What do they talk about: Marketing technology and analytics

Why should I read it: David Raab, the founder of the Customer Experience Matrix blog, is a well-known name around most analytics circles. His blog is a great resource for anyone looking to learn about the latest marketing trends or more specifically customer data management.

SiriusDecisions marketplace blog

What do they talk about: Marketing, sales, and product technologies

Why should I read it: A leading analyst firm in the B2B space, SiriusDecisions publishes great content across various marketing technologies with insights compiled from a macro snapshot spanning multiple verticals and industries. It’s an excellent resource for marketers who want get a macro understanding of their space and the trends within them.

Want to share your top marketing blogs? Let us know by commenting below.

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