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How To Elevate B2B Data Accuracy With Customer Network Effects

“Your data is limiting your marketing effectiveness”

It’s probably the point that stands out the most from my colleague Marina’s post on where B2B data falls short and how it affects marketers.

If you haven’t had a chance to read Marina’s post yet, take a few minutes and check it out. No, seriously…I’ll wait.

Okay, are you caught up? Great!

The reason I emphasize Marina’s post (besides my marketing team’s love for cross-linking) is the fact that it illustrates a serious problem with B2B data today – Marketers lack a source of truth for their data.

B2B data is usually siloed and fragmented across marketing stacks, and marketers lack a single source where they can get the latest, most accurate information about the businesses they’re targeting. This usually limits insights on target accounts and markets, muddles up campaigns with inaccurate targeting, and results in an overall decline of ROI on marketing spend.

So what can fix this data problem? I’m glad you asked.

As someone who loves creating things and lives & breathes all things product, I like to think of ways to solve problems. In fact, a lot of us at Radius do. That’s why we’re so excited about a key foundational aspect of our product (and the topic of discussion in this post) – Customer Network Effects.

“Facebook It”: The Idea Behind Customer Network Effects

For starters, let’s define Customer Network Effects:

“Network effects, in which the value of a product or service increases for all users with each new user that joins and contributes to a platform, is a proven concept and a key driver of success for numerous B2C companies”

One of the most notable examples of this is Facebook.

You know what Facebook did ridiculously well? (Besides bringing you the latest cat videos and being the #1 social channel for B2B)

They grew their user base and had tons of people join, contribute, and interact with their social network. The more users they obtained, the more engaging the network became for everyone else.

Facebook built its social graph with deep consumer behavior and interest data, providing B2C marketers with unparalleled audience targeting opportunities

It’s something that extended to their ad platform too. As Facebook amassed more user and advertiser data, audience targeting capabilities became more precise, personalized, and effective.

Why do I bring all this up? Just as Facebook built its social graph, the same can be achieved for B2B marketers by building a business graph with robust company and contact data.

Enter Radius Business Graph.

How Radius Leverages Customer Network Effects

At Radius, we built a platform that enables Customer Network Effects and we have started activating this model. As more companies become a part of Radius’ customer network and contribute common data points, the data in the Business Graph gets an additional layer of validation and verification, which improves its data quality.

These data quality improvements in turn help make Radius’ predictive marketing platform smarter so it can provide deeper insights and identify the best customer opportunities for our users. As more companies join, our data gets better and with it the predictive models driving marketers to success.

Here’s a great visual that explains the scope of our growing customer network

Customer Network Effects B2B Data Coverage

Impact of Customer Network Effects on B2B Data

So how does this improve B2B data? There are 3 primary benefits to leveraging Customer Network Effects:

1) Accuracy

Most marketing systems are full of data plagued by incorrect form fills, missing information, or “super secret” prospects that are ‘cagey’ about their personal information (I’m looking at you, John Doe). This usually results in inaccurate data sabotaging your marketing efforts and limiting ROI on your spend.

With Customer Network Effects, you can address this challenge with the additional lens of actual business touch points. For example, Radius aggregates network data points and interactions, which helps validate whether companies are still operating, contacts still work there, and other business attributes that you’re collecting are accurate, thus making the Radius Business Graph more accurate.

Say ‘goodbye’ to invalid, incorrect, or outdated data, as only the most reliable data remains in your marketing systems. Customer network effects have been pushing the accuracy of business attributes within the Graph beyond industry leading benchmarks and getting it closer to the elusive 100% accuracy.

Radius measured the increase in quality of data, and with 5+ validation points from the customer network, we saw a 9% increase in accuracy for phone association and 11% increase in accuracy for physical addresses.

2) Comprehensiveness

Marketers and data vendors rarely have a complete view of a company or a contact. For marketers, this is usually caused by low fill rates in their CRM, whereas many data vendors just lack the essential information required to provide a complete picture.

Radius ingests hundreds of data sources and has comprehensive coverage on multiple key signals across businesses. Although not all of signals make the cut, as the Business Graph only surfaces the information which it has a high degree of confidence in.

“The B2B interactions from the customer network help validate conflicting data points, thus increasing the breadth of signals available per business, and completes the picture of businesses.”

Customer Network Effects B2B Data Comprehensiveness

3) Freshness

Chances are you’re collecting more data today, than ever before. But is it current? Are the businesses you’re tracking still operating? Is that the latest physical address for a prospect you’re sending a direct mailer to?

While the business landscape has evolved and become more dynamic, so has the need for the most up-to-date data in marketing efforts. The Radius customer network helps refresh the Business Graph up to 20 times faster than traditional, manual methods of data collection and validation.

With data science and customer network effects, data is refreshed up to 20x faster than traditional methods

This ensures that insights and recommendations being used to fuel your marketing efforts are based on the most up-to-date, actionable data available.


B2B marketing today is only as effective as the underlying data and the insights that you can derive from it. And now you can ensure that those insights and marketing decisions are based on the most accurate, complete, and current data available in the market.

Customer Network Effects is a powerful concept that empowers B2B marketers with better and more accurate insights than ever before. The increase in data quality, comprehensiveness, and freshness can generate deeper audience insights to guide marketing efforts. This can help increase your audience reach, and maximize ROI and your bottom line from better-performing campaigns based on more accurate data.

If you’d like more details on how marketers can see measurable results from network effects, download our comprehensive report.

Customer Network Effects Report

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