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3 Steps To Highly Targeted B2B Facebook Ads With Predictive

How do you make a digital B2B marketer’s dreams come true? Combine the biggest social media platform with the best business data.

Enter Facebook + Radius.

Building A Highly Targeted B2B Facebook Ad Campaign

At Radius, our marketing team focuses on helping businesses bridge the gap between data and revenue, and often times our efforts start with educating marketers about predictive and our company.

Like many other marketers, we achieve this by implementing digital advertising to increase brand awareness amongst our target audience.

80 percent of B2B marketers indicated that their organizations will use digital advertising within the next 12 months

SiriusDecisions, 2016

Since we were looking to target a broader audience, we decided to leverage the massive social presence of Facebook and their larger audience base.

Facebook Advertising B2B Differentiators

Facebook is the #1 digital environment for marketers to reach, engage, educate, and acquire prospects. But it’s historically known as a platform that’s best at targeting consumers.

So, our challenge was to only find people who work at businesses that are likely to be our next customers, which meant we needed to be very targeted in building our audience.

How Predictive Helped Us Reach A Large, Targeted Audience On Facebook

Being a predictive marketing company, we wanted to leverage the power of predictive to find the best people at the right time who are interested in our products. We were lucky enough to “drink our own champagne” and become one of the first to use Radius’s predictive solution for Facebook.

Using Radius Audience Enhancement to power our Facebook ad campaign, we were able to target our top prospect accounts with excellent coverage of people who work at those accounts.

Facebook Advertising B2B - Radius Audience Enhancement

We focused on key accounts, so it was highly targeted. And, we leveraged the Radius Business Graph to find all relevant contacts per account, so the campaign also had extensive reach.

Here are 3 key factors that helped ensure the success of our campaign:

1. Starting with an ABM foundation

We are big believers in and practitioners of Account-Based Marketing. Rather than working at a lead-level, our marketing efforts are focused on the accounts that are most likely to be our next best customers.

Here’s an example of predictive and ABM in action.

Our target account list is refreshed quarterly and agreed to by marketing and sales. So, naturally, for this campaign, we started with our Tier A and B target accounts.

2. Amplifying our audience by 4x

While we had contacts associated with our target accounts already, our coverage was not nearly as extensive as what Radius could provide.

Once the Radius Audience Enhancement was applied to what we had in our CRM, our audience increased by 4x. 4 times as many relevant contacts at our most important prospective customer accounts!

This was going to be a huge step forward for us in being able to reach our target accounts on Facebook.

3. Making dynamic updates to Facebook ads

We launched the ad and it’s still actively running:

Facebook Advertising B2B - Radius ad

Now we’re making use of one of my favorite parts of this technology – Dynamic Updates. The audience is updated dynamically with constantly evolving insights from the Radius Business Graph.

Some of this data changes very quickly, which makes it difficult to act on manually.

But since predictive automatically tracks data about our target accounts and updates our audience in real-time, we stand to benefit from greater amplification of our ad and we deliver our message to prospects at target accounts who are most likely to buy.

Enjoying Award-Winning Results

The great news about our adoption of Radius Audience Enhancement for this campaign – we launched and continue to benefit from a highly successful Facebook ad campaign!

Our original goal of building awareness was a success and the campaign has also helped drive website traffic and increase engagement with our top prospects across key accounts.

As an added bonus, we even won an award from the Internet Marketing Association (IMA) at their conference this year.

Facebook has evolved from cat videos to a powerful B2B advertising channel. So whether you’re an active advertiser, exploring options, or experimented to no avail, it’s crucial to know how you can target your best audience with the new #1 social channel for B2B.

Watch this webinar to learn Facebook Advertising best practices and see how Radius customers launch successful ad campaigns.

Facebook B2B Advertising: How to Reach Your Target Audience on the #1 Social Channel Webinar

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