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The Rise of the Revenue-Driven B2B Marketer

Marketers are striving to drive revenue.

As businesses allocate more budget to marketing departments, marketers are increasingly empowered to create strategic campaigns that deliver results. Proving ROI is top-of-mind, campaign results analyzed and measured to evaluate effectiveness.

There’s no denying a marketing paradigm shift: marketers are being measured on hard numbers and results, rather than creative output. Our CEO, Darian Shirazi shares an example of the greater focus on marketing opportunities rather than volume of MQLs.

Marketing owns a bigger piece of the customer journey and the metrics need to reflect that.

In order to drive revenue, marketers are more analytical than ever. They know that targeting the right prospects and using their budget effectively is key. But marketers need the right data to have an acute understanding of their target audience, what motivates them to buy, and which offers shared during the customer journey will make them convert.

Radius recognizes the challenge, which is why we built our predictive marketing platform. With predictive, marketers can drive revenue in three distinct ways:

  • Establishing a ‘source of truth’ by bridging the gaps in data between marketing systems like CRM and marketing automation
  • Getting insights into the best prospects and markets based on historical data and a broad range of dynamic signals
  • Predicting ideal future customers with algorithmic machine learning and predictive models

Predictive is just one option for marketers looking to drive revenue. So we decided to ask B2B experts how they drive revenue within their organizations.

Introducing the Radius Revenue Driver Tips Contest

We launched the Radius Revenue Driver Tips contest asking B2B Marketers to tweet revenue driving tips for a chance to win prizes at Dreamforce. We’ve received hundreds of responses from top marketers. Here’s what they have to say:

Top 3 Revenue-Driving Tips

Tip #1: Build a Team of Marketing Rockstars

Jessica Meher, VP Enterprise Marketing at InVisionApp

Tip #2: Marketing & Sales Alignment is key. Enter Account-Based Marketing

Scott Vaughan, Chief Marketing Officer at Integrate

Tip #3: Invest in your customers

Megan Heuer, VP Research at SiriusDecisions

Enter The Radius Revenue Driver Tip Contest

So we want to know…

How do you drive revenue? Click to tweet

What’s your most effective Revenue Driver tip? Share it with us via Twitter and you may win.

The Revenue Driver tip that generates the highest engagement (number of retweets) will be crowned Revenue Driver of the Year. The top three tweets win prizes. Contest ends on October 3rd.

Prizes Include:

1st Place: The #1 tip with the most engagement wins a VIP experience at Dreamforce.

2nd Place: The #2 tip win an Amazon gift card.

3rd Place: The #3 tip wins a Radius VIP Revenue Driver gift basket.

Submit your revenue driver tip by clicking the image below:

revenue-driven b2b marketer

Want some Revenue Driver Tip-spiration? Check out the Top 25 Influencers’ Tips

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