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5 Ways Predictive Segmentation Will Help You Identify Your Best Prospects

The days of one-size-fits-all campaigns and casting a wide net in the hopes of catching your best prospects are long gone.

B2B marketers are getting more sophisticated with their segmentation and targeting by focusing on the audiences with which they’ll have the most impact, and tailoring messages to resonate with each distinct audience segment. However, both identifying and effectively reaching the right audiences remains challenging.

That’s where predictive marketing comes in.

According to Demand Metric, marketers who use predictive have good intelligence on target markets and improve the close rate of sales efforts

Here are five ways that predictive – with its access to better customer data and algorithmic machine learning – helps marketers be more sophisticated with segmentation and hone in on their best audiences and future customers.

1. Discover top new markets to enter

Why this segment? Whether you’re a market leader or a growing business, the only way to continuously drive customer and business growth is to expand to new markets. Now while this opens up new opportunities, you are entering uncharted territory and relying solely on historical success won’t cut it.

How predictive helps: Predictive offers an additional layer of data science that predicts your likelihood of success with new prospects. This lets you build your Ideal Customer Profile in target territories or verticals and identify the top opportunities within them. Then as you start targeting these new prospects the algorithms will learn which company profiles and attributes lead to success and refine your new market segments to zero in on your most promising prospects.



2. Reach in-market prospects

Why this segment? Timing is everything. You may have a clearly defined Ideal Customer Profile and a messaging strategy that appeals to buyer needs. But if you target your accounts too early or too late in their buying journey your marketing programs will fall flat.

How predictive helps: With predictive, you can optimize your marketing programs to reach prospects as they are actively moving through the buyer’s journey. Develop campaigns that target prospects within your Ideal Customer Profile when they are most receptive and are showing buying signals such as searching keywords related to your product or space, website browsing patterns, and content downloads for related solutions. Similarly, target prospects who have had recent company events, such as an acquisition or a product announcement, that would indicate they may be in need of your solution.



3. Customize segments unique to your business

Why this segment? You’ve identified your Ideal Customer Profile, built detailed personas, created campaigns tailored to their unique needs, and now you’re ready to target them but you don’t have the audience attributes available to create your desired segment. Sound familiar? Even if you are laser focused on the right audience, data providers and marketing platforms typically only offer standard audience attributes, such as firmographics and technographics, to build your segment.

How predictive helps: Predictive doesn’t limit you to ‘cookie-cutter’ audiences. It lets you define audience attributes directly from your CRM and create customized segments that capture your unique target audience. As an added bonus, with predictive you can seamlessly refine your segments for each business goal. That means that as your marketing goals change from driving MQLs at the top of the funnel to delivering SALs mid-funnel and ultimately driving closed deals at the bottom of the funnel, you can have the right audience segments unique to each objective ready to go.



4. Identify the best untapped opportunities

Why this segment? Let’s face it, you don’t always know which audiences you should be targeting. You know that within your broader Ideal Customer Profile there are sub-segments with which you have a greater immediate opportunity. Now if only you had a crystal ball…

How predictive helps: Predictive is your crystal ball. Predictive marketing platforms guide you to your next customers by giving you an insider’s view into your full market potential and mapping out your previous successes and future opportunities within it. Predictive platforms also offer automated recommendations that surface the customer segments and accounts with the highest propensity to convert. These recommendations are generated continuously by analyzing millions of business signals and take into account your latest customer trends, enabling you to continue to find the best leads for your marketing and sales outreach.



5. Drive high-propensity leads through the funnel

Why this segment? Just as it’s challenging to fill the funnel with the right prospects, it’s challenging to prioritize the right leads throughout the funnel.

How predictive helps: Predictive helps you push leads through the funnel faster. It lets you segment and prioritize your leads using advanced scoring capabilities that rank prospects based on firmographics, technographics, buying intent, and other signals that indicate they are likely to convert. With this insight you can then assign each of these segments to the right nurture track and send the best leads directly to sales.



With predictive marketing you have an unprecedented tool to drill down to the right segments and identify the right accounts for any marketing objective. This helps you get more focused with your marketing activity and ultimately lower acquisition costs, accelerate your pipeline, and drive revenue.

Learn more about the impact of predictive segmentation on your marketing efforts, and how to build targeted segments in our Segmentation & Targeting playbook.


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