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3 Emails That Will Actually Improve With Predictive

Email continues to be a powerful tool for most marketers. But sending relevant and personalized emails are key factors of success for your outbound email campaigns.

Email personalization improves CTR and Conversions

Previously we talked about how Predictive can help boost email performance and why marketers stand to benefit from implementing it in their ongoing efforts. We highlighted how Predictive allows marketers to extract answers to important questions that helps them identify key points of differentiation for their email, and subsequently how that can help them stand out in their prospect’s inbox.

But which types of emails can marketers use Predictive for?

Commonly-Used Email Types Influenced By Predictive

Across various organizations, including our own, we’ve seen marketing teams use Predictive for 3 distinct types of email campaigns. Here’s a short description of each type of email, who should consider using this type of email, and how Predictive can help:

Improve Sales Prospecting Emails

1) Sales Prospecting Emails

Today’s B2B environment calls for highly personalized and compelling sales emails that can ensure prospecting success. But rather than having reps self-prospect targets and mine for insights, marketers can use Predictive to source new likely-to-convert prospect groups for reps and provide them with ammo to personalize their outreach.

This email type is highly effective for companies that have an outbound sales team and want to use small groups of emails to target their top accounts. Sales prospecting emails can be sent from personal emails, usually a sales rep’s, and are part of a cadence coupled with phone calls, direct mail, or other marketing touches.

How Predictive Can Help:

  • Saves reps time from self-prospecting because they can use external datasets to identify top accounts that are likely to convert
  • Strengthens sales-marketing alignment with better emails because the email content is highly personalized for each target account, which in turn results in higher engagement
  • Allows reps to tweak emails on the fly and improve success of other emails using an active feedback loop based on insights from past email performance

Improve Nurturing Emails

2) Nurturing Emails

Building tailored nurture streams is a crucial part of any marketing campaign, and a task that requires a lot of effort. But with Predictive, marketers can identify all the accounts across their funnel that are worth the investment, as well what makes them unique so their nurture streams can drive more engagement.

This email type is highly recommended for companies with large databases filled with early-stage or unengaged prospects. Nurturing emails are usually marketing-controlled emails that focus on soft offers (content, events, case studies, etc.) tailored for each target group or segment.

How Predictive Can Help:

  • Increases lead-to-opportunity conversions by ensuring top prospects are actively touched because audience lists are modeled based on accounts likely to convert
  • Focuses email resources on best existing segments because advanced data aggregation and validation helps improve accuracy of the email addresses used in campaigns
  • Ensures entire audience is reached with the marketing database being connected to powerful external data sources
  • Provides an ability to tailor content and messages at the right time based on the current profile and buying stage of the existing leads
  • Uses real-time results to fine tune segmentation and messaging with the help of predictive machine learning and recommendations based on historical performance

Improve Email Blasts

3) Email Blasts

Email blasts are not on the top of our list of recommended approaches. We would instead recommend following a sales prospecting approach with other channels, especially when targeting net-new leads.

But if you are looking to use email blasts make sure they’re very customized, focus on soft offers combined with personal touches from individuals or ‘high-touch’ marketing campaigns.

How Predictive Can Help:

  • Uses list sources with a higher propensity to convert requiring a lower number of records, which also results in more engagement
  • Leverages advanced data aggregation and validation of email addresses being used in campaigns, which results in more emails being successfully delivered and lower bounce rates
  • Hyper-personalizes emails to new, cold prospects increasing top-funnel engagement because of deeper customer and prospect insight allowing more personalization
  • Helps identify what type of content drives engagement based on assessments of historical performance

Building Predictive-Enabled Emails With Radius

Watch this video to get an inside look at how you can build more personalized and effective email campaigns using Radius:


These are just some examples of emails where marketers can use Predictive to increase engagement and drive conversions. But an equally important area of focus should be around how you can build these personalized campaigns.

In an effort to help marketers build better email campaigns, we created a Predictive playbook on Outbound Email Marketing. Download the playbook, which includes detailed frameworks and use cases examples, by clicking on the banner below:

Predictive Playbook: Improve Outbound Email Marketing With Predictive

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