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Predictive Toolbox: How To Use Predictive in B2B Marketing

Nowadays, B2B marketers are tasked with various challenges like understanding dynamic customers, increasing pipeline quantity and quality, and boosting campaign ROI.

But the increasing “noise” in the digital space and the renewed focus on new-age marketing approaches like account-based marketing (ABM) has highlighted the need for greater transparency into go-to-market insights, top accounts, and acquisition strategies.

Marketers find themselves asking important questions about their audience as they invest in new technologies and tools to gather better insights and data. At Radius, we believe Predictive is the answer.

But one of the most common questions we’ve received from marketers is:

How do you use Predictive in B2B marketing?

That’s why we created the Predictive Toolbox, which is made up of multiple playbooks. – Click to tweet

Put simply, a predictive playbook is a practitioner-level guide designed to help marketers understand how they can use predictive for a specific marketing use case.

In this series we’ll cover a wide range of predictive use cases, which you can see below:

Predictive Toolbox How To Use Predictive In B2B Marketing 2

Stay tuned for the upcoming playbooks including our first one to kick off the series called “How to Master the Inbox With Better Outbound Email”.

Predictive Playbook: Improve Outbound Email Marketing With Predictive

Still familiarizing yourself with Predictive? Check out a curated selection of our content to help you get started. 

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