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Radius Joins Account-Based Marketing Technology Companies to Create the ABM Leadership Alliance


Account-Based Marketing (ABM): leading B2B companies are talking about it, but what resources are needed to implement successful ABM campaigns? Recognizing the increase in ABM adoption and need for general Best Practices, we are excited to announce our involvement as a founding member of the ABM Leadership Alliance. We join Demandbase, Oracle Marketing Cloud, Optimizely, Bizible, Get Smart Content and LookBookHQ with the mission to educate and empower B2B Marketers to create successful ABM strategies.

On behalf of the Alliance, Peter Isaacson, CMO of Demandbase states, “the sheer volume of Marketing technology options available leaves B2B Marketers unsure about which steps to take to begin developing an ABM strategy. This group of experts will provide B2B Marketers with guidance and oversight on how to leverage technology to create a high performing ABM plan” … Precisely.

Our alliance brings together leading ABM technology and data vendors to educate B2B Marketers by shedding light on the best combination of available technologies.  As the exclusive Predictive technology in the alliance, we are excited to educate Marketers on how to leverage Predictive for account selection. Predictive is foundational to ABM – using data science to ensure Marketing and Sales are going after the right accounts to begin with.

Some initiatives to look forward to are:

  1. The ABM Leadership Alliance’s release of a new e-book, Building an Account-Based Marketing Technology Stack
  2. Our participation in today’s Panel to discuss how to scale ABM at Demandbase’s Marketing Innovation Summit for B2B
  3. A series of tips through social channels! #ABMAlliance

Check out the full Press Release Here

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