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Determining Your Predictive Use Case Part II: The Scorecard

In the previous post, we broke down each specific use case for Predictive by the stages of the classic marketing funnel. Why? Over and over again in webinars, customer calls, and industry events, we hear that one of the biggest barriers for buyers to consider new tech is due to the vendor’s inability to articulate what it is offering in a way that is meaningful and relevant to the marketer. You are not buying technology, you are buying a solution to a current problem.

To help link predictive solutions to your problems, we’ve built a easy Predictive Use Case Scorecard. Using a simple multi-attribute model, you can weigh problems that are critically important to your organization, score how well you’re addressing those problems, and see which predictive use cases rank highest. Below are more specifics to effectively building your scorecard! The goal is to help you clearly define your top use cases before you embark down the path of vendor assessments.

Here’s how to use the Predictive Use Case Scorecard

  1. View Scorecard and make a copy to customize.
  2. Weight Importance: How much pressure is on you to solve for this problem? If this problem is the top priority at your company, rank it +3. If it’s table stakes, rank it a 0. If it’s considered r a low priority or distraction from other key objectives, give it a negative ranking.
  3. Score Your Company: How well is your team solving for this problem today? Are you or your management teams satisfied with the current options? Are they scaleable, long-term solutions? A high score means your team has great answers to this challenges. A low score means your team has failed in trying to solve the problem, or has yet to attempt to solve the problem.
  4. Analyze Your Ranking: Which use cases should you prioritize when developing marketing strategy and assessing Predictive vendors? The higher the number, the higher priority the use case.
  5. Assess Vendors: Use this scorecard when engaging with vendors. Ask them to explain their capabilities and share customer stories for your top-ranked predictive use cases. A trustworthy vendor should be able to tell you their strengths and whether or not they have the best option for you.

Download My Scorecard>>

If you need assistance, or have any questions, feel free to reach out to or and we’d be more than happy to help you create a custom scorecard, as well as help you create a short list of vendors to assess.

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