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CMO Insights Report: The Power of Predictive Analytics in Just 24 Hours


Predictive analytics has remained one of the hottest trends in marketing technology for over a year. And rightfully so, with 82% of marketers that have implemented predictive saying it has delivered considerable business impact (Forrester).  However, the value of software powered by advanced data science can be hard to understand and visualize. Therefore, marketers push for a ‘proof of concept’ with vendors to test technologies, value, and usability. While examining possible vendors with a critical eye is the right approach, these ‘tests’ can quickly become long, laborious processes.

cmo-insights-report-medAt Radius, our objective is to provide marketers with immediate, critical, and actionable insights to help them identify and engage the right customers. So we are pleased to announce our CMO Insights Report, a customizable report that programmatically recommends your top customer segments, the top signals defining your customers, and a comprehensive CRM analysis– all within 24 hours. This report showcases a new era of predictive SaaS, providing instantaneous and accessible data science for non-technical users and helping marketers experience how predictive analytics can drive positive business impact.

Why did we build the CMO Insights Report & for whom?

While built for marketing executives, the report is useful for various members of your go-to-market teams.

  • For CMOs who may be dipping their toes into predictive analytics and data science for the first time, we wanted to provide an easy-to-use, quickly available example of how predictive analytics can transform data into insights that can help you better understand your total-addressable-markets and common customer characteristics.
  • For marketing leaders and operations professionals who are concerned about the knowledge, data experience and resources required to fully utilize predictive analytics, we wanted to demonstrate how instantly and easily the SaaS-based platform can provide actionable, easy to understand insights– without the involvement of company IT or data science resources.
  • For the rest of the organization who want to understand and present to their leadership teams how powerful data-science can be, we created this risk-free, simple online experience so you are equipped with analytics that prove predictive software can enhance marketing decisions.   

How do you get a CMO Insights Report?

Sign-up is incredibly easy. To get your customized CMO Insights Report, simply sign in with your Salesforce credentials. Once connected, the Radius predictive platform will analyze your CRM data using machine learning and over 50 billion signals from the Radius Business GraphSM, a living external data cloud of every U.S. business. Within one business day, you will receive a copy of your customized report.

Get your CMO Insights Report >>

Attending Dreamforce? We’ll have samples of our CMO Insights Report at our Booth (N1801) and we’ll also be helping attendees sign up for their own, customized copy at our lounge (N1835). So if you’re at Dreamforce, reserve a time to meet with us and we’ll be happy to help you out.

Predictions can be a powerful tool for your marketing organization, and our mission at Radius is always to help you discover new ways to grow using cutting-edge technology. Whether you log on online or find us at Dreamforce, we hope that you take advantage of this complimentary report.

To read the full press release on this announcement, click here.


  • Daisy Nosh

    Good job Team..!!

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