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Radius Hires Salesforce Alum And Yammer Veteran David Obrand As COO

We’re excited to welcome Yammer & Salesforce veteran David Obrand to the Radius executive team.

Building a company is incredibly difficult. Why? Because great people are difficult to recruit and hard to find. Over the past two years since we’ve launched Radius, we’ve built an incredible product that delights Fortune 500 customers and a high-caliber engineering and product team to support that growth. In the past six months, it became apparent that we needed to streamline our sales and marketing efforts to scale Radius for the long term.

david obrandAbout a year ago, I met David and began discussing the platform we’ve been building and how applicable it could be to thousands of customers worldwide. After hours of discussion, it became apparent that we were both equally excited about building a multi-billion dollar business that would redefine how CMOs use and apply data science to modern marketing practices. David’s interest in the platform we’ve built also piqued my interest as he has not only an appreciation for great marketing and sales but also for quality products.

In my favorite interview at Stanford GSB, Marc Andreessen talks about how successful startups have embraced a model we’re now employing at Radius:

“Basically the model of a very high powered business person with deep capabilities in sales, marketing, and operations that’s able to partner as a President or COO with a technical founder/CEO…that’s a very exciting model that is working very well.”

I’m very excited to have found a fantastic partner to build Radius and so is our amazing team.

David spent a decade at in senior sales leadership roles before joining Yammer as Chief Customer Officer where he helped scale the business from a small sales and marketing team to what eventually resulted in a $1.2B acquisition by Microsoft in 2012.

Many thanks to Joe Lonsdale, David Sacks, Steve Loughlin, Marc Benioff, and Armando Mann for their help with this process!

  • Daisy Nosh


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