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7 Must-Have Lead Generation Tools For Marketers

Today’s CMOs face immense pressure to pinpoint the dollar value of their efforts. As a result, lead generation dominates the marketing department. How can marketers generate high quality leads without resorting to ineffective tactics that yield low conversion rates?

According to Capterra, the biggest challenge B2B marketers face in regards to lead generation is capturing high-quality leads. To overcome this obstacle, marketing departments often invest in low-grade lead lists that clog their CRMs with bad data. Instead, marketers should invest in technologies that can prove their worth in dollars.

Here are seven tools marketers can use to increase high quality lead flow:


What is it?
An A/B testing platform for marketers.
How will it help me generate leads?
A/B testing can be used to get the best results from landing pages, marketing emails, advertisements, CTAs, and more. HubSpot reports that A/B testing landing pages and other assets can increase your lead generation efforts by 40%. Try experimenting with CTAs on your homepage and measure differences in conversion rates.


LinkedIn Advertising

What is it?
LinkedIn’s advertising suite allows you to create and place ads on prominent pages. Specify your target audience by job title, job function, industry, geography, company name, company size, or LinkedIn group.
How will it help me generate leads?
Post a piece of gated content along with a strong CTA that captures peoples’ attention. Then dive into LinkedIn ads manager, select your audience based on your specifications, and set your budget based on how much you want to pay for clicks or impressions. Your content will be shown to a wider audience, which allows you to reach a broader range of leads.

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 9.19.53 AM


What is it?
Wistia’s email capture tool that integrates directly into videos.
How will it help me generate leads?
Add an email collector to every video you host on the platform. You can decide when the collector should appear, customize the gate text, and select options related to your email provider. Turnstile integrates with several marketing automation and email marketing platforms, including Marketo and MailChimp.

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 9.20.36 AM


What is it?
A slide based hosting service that allows you share presentations to a wide audience. You can also embed presentations into blog posts and other pieces of content.
How will it help me generate leads?
Use the platform to tell stories with compelling slideshows. You can create original content or repurpose assets such as white papers or case studies. SlideShare allows premium users to embed a lead generation form at the end of every presentation. Users can enter their information to download the presentation and learn more about your company. The names sync directly with your marketing automation platform. SlideShare also offers trigger alerts based on keywords that indicate a user is interested in buying.


What is it?
PadiAct analyzes your website visitors’ behavior details based on the history of other customers, and estimates how many email leads you should generate each month.
How will it help me generate leads?
PadiAct allows you to add an email signup to your website based on a behavioral targeting engine. You can target people who are new users, have visited at least 3 pages on your website, have spent more than 30 seconds on your website, and many others. Test which pop-ups increase your email subscribers and scrap the ones that don’t.

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 9.22.58 AM


What is it?
A question-and-answer website where questions are created and answered by its community of users.
How will it help me generate leads?
Ask and answer questions related to your product and industry. By providing detailed answers you can position yourself as a thought leader and increase brand awareness and perception.

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 9.25.19 AM


What is it?
Qualaroo lets you target questions to visitors anywhere on your website, within your product, or in your conversion funnel.
How will it help me generate leads?
By implementing prospect feedback into your marketing mix, you can understand the intent of your website visitors and customers. This allows you to effectively address any concerns they may have and see if your product is a good fit. You can also implement the service into your blog posts, social media updates, and emails.


  • Dhana Sekar

    You can try ListGrabber it is a powerful lead generation software it helps you to to capture contact lists from Online Directories (like yellow pages directories, white pages directories), association websites, membership directories, MLS Listings, etc. and enter them into an Excel spreadsheet or any database. For more information visit

  • Angelina Alexandrovna

    Another tool that gives you the flexibility to get leads from any website – forums, business directories, social media sites – is ParseHub. It is a visual data extraction tool that can be used on sites that are usually hard to get data from. So for example, if you have an infinite scroll of business names, with ParseHub it is possible to get all the contact information. It is also pretty powerful if you want lead information from thousands of pages.

  • When looking at lead gen, it’s really important to first look at your current efforts and lead sources. Don’t just look at total leads, look at close rates, time to close, and more. Try to find out which lead sources are actually the most lucrative for you per dollar spent and then go after those with one or more of the choices above.

    This is where your CRM and the data you put into it are extremely useful in finding what sources are your best options going forward. If you’re not tracking lead source right now for each lead that comes in, get started and don’t invest in lead gen beyond what you’re doing until you have a good data set to decide from.

    Brad Hodson

  • Hey Orinna, thank you for the advice on these tools. I have found that when you bring value to the marketplace, and you can do that in many ways, you always end up with a better quality lead, but you also get more leads. In my article on Lead Generation, which you can find here: I also talk on this important aspect. High quality leads and delivering value goes hand in hand..

  • michael clarke

    Awsome List. Useful for business.
    Thx for the sharing

  • Very useful for business!
    Thanks for sharing

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