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New Product Update: Introducing Radius Insights

Earlier today, we announced our latest product feature: Radius Insights, which helps our customers understand marketing and sales performance across dozens of data signals. Radius Insights works by connecting your CRM data to the Radius Index, and mapping your performance to all the unique signals we track, such as Twitter presence, online review ratings, website presence, and more. Using Insights, our customers have a clear view into which signals make a difference in their performance so they can prioritize market penetration.

Radius customer ZenPayroll deployed Insights to streamline efforts in identifying targeted verticals for its best customers. “Within minutes of using Radius Insights I saw which industries we were most successful in and which social data predicted performance. It became a no-brainer then to figure out how best to reach them,” says Erin Colbert, who leads marketing for the cloud-based payroll services company ZenPayroll.

We’re excited to roll out Radius Insights to all our customers because this is a feature that CRM analytics can’t offer. Where Salesforce, for instance, can present detailed reports on performance in segments already in your CRM, Insights offers detailed analysis on segments you haven’t explored.

“Our vision is to combine innovative software with big data to help companies more effectively and efficiently market and sell. Radius Insights reflect a massive investment in productizing scientific approaches that provide significantly greater value for our customers in a simple software experience.”

-Darian Shirazi, Radius CEO

To learn more about Insights, stop by the Radius booth at Dreamforce this week for a demo!

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