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Announcing Deploy to Salesforce Campaign: A New Way to Capitalize on CRM Data

The latest new feature to the Radius platform allows marketers to identify and capitalize on hidden opportunities in their CRM. Apply Radius’s powerful segmentation to run laser-targeted campaigns and build comprehensive reports on any records in Salesforce–no matter where they are in the funnel.Marketers are being pressured to stretch their marketing dollar to improve ROI. Purchasing more data can often be a waste of valuable resources–especially when you are not taking full advantage of prior data investments and marketing activities. There are often highly qualified prospects already in your CRM, but you don’t have the data, the bandwidth, or the tools to uncover and re-engage these hidden opportunities.

A new level of Salesforce integration

Deploy to Salesforce Campaign is a new feature in the Radius application that allows Radius customers to add any records in their CRM to a new or existing Salesforce Campaign–regardless of their status.


salesforce campaign

How can you benefit from utilizing campaigns? Campaigns are marketing projects used to plan, manage, and track a group of records within your CRM. Campaigns make it easy for marketers to execute sales and marketing programs that nurture your prospects, remarket to won and lost customers, or to build detailed reports on marketing and sales activities. Now, any record in your CRM that is successfully matched with a Radius record can be added to a new or existing Salesforce Campaign.

Let’s have a look, shall we?

Below is an example from one of our customers. Like many Radius customers, this company provides services and products that help businesses grow. They discovered a high success rate with bars and nightlife businesses in New York that have run daily deals, and found that a number of records within their CRM that were not won or lost have run daily deals in the past. They can now unearth and immediately route these great prospects to their sales team. They recently launched a new campaign that focuses on how their products are more effective than daily deals at helping businesses grow.

This new feature is a game changer because it allows our customers to segment their CRM by hundreds of rich data signals that aren’t in your CRM– all without the IT hassle of re-configuring your CRM or investing in complex data projects.

Capitalize on your CRM data in under 24 hours

I’d love to see what we can uncover in your CRM. Our team of experts can get you started right away–no bulky integrations or custom work needed. You can get started here, or feel free to email for a personal demonstration.  

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