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Why You Should Never Leave Just a Voice Mail

Remember the days when you couldn’t WAIT to listen to your voicemail messages? Those days may be sinking into long lost memories, but voicemail remains an important way for sales reps to get hold of customers. As voicemail popularity declines, make sure that you modify your voicemail approach to reach busy prospects that may not look forward to your calls.

People used to make things happen and get things accomplished through voicemail. We patiently listened to 3-minute voicemail messages and took action. We even thanked people for taking the time to leave us a voicemail message.

Today, voicemail is a rude interruption to our days, and something we don’t even bother to check when it comes through our Smart Phones. We get annoyed when someone leaves a message in our mailbox — and now, with so many predictive dialers out there, it’s probably a prerecorded message. But I’m not ready to just toss voicemail out into the sales-o-sphere — there’s still hope and opportunity for it to hold a prime spot in the sales mix. But that will require a few changes.

Voice mail can no longer stand on it’s own. The Triple Threat approach:  voicemail + email + social, lets your prospect choose how to engage, and ensures that you’re not wasting time trying to reach a prospect on a medium that prospect ignores.

How can you use The Triple Threat Approach?

  • The email introduction should include your company data, product, solution, ROI, client info.

  • The social (use LinkedIn) is your digital footprint, your influence and visibility.

  • The voicemail is your tone — your persuasive, authoritative, professional, and engaging vocal stamp.

Things to remember when you use the Triple Threat strategy:

  1. Voicemail and email must be delivered simultaneously.

  2. Pressing “send” on your email introduction and leaving a voicemail must happen within seconds of each other.

  3. Voicemail must be void of data – save that for your email or social media interaction.

  4. The last thing buyers want to hear in a voicemail message is anything technical or features-oriented.

  5. Voicemail must sound conversational.

  6. Don’t leave rehearsed, canned, and automated messages. The voicemails that get heard are the ones that sound authentic.

  7. Voicemail messages need to be 22 seconds long at most.

  8. The shorter the better. Remember: buyers just want to hear the sound of your voice while you are leveraging email to offer more detail.

  9. Voicemail may no longer be able to stand alone, but it still functions as the spokesperson for all communications media. Keep that in mind with your tone of voice and with the words you choose to use.

  10. Voice mail must be personalized.

  11. Don’t forget to add something you know about your prospect in your message.

About the Author

Josiane Feigon is President of TeleSmart Communications and author of the business bestseller, Smart Selling on the Phone and Online. To read an excerpt from her latest book, Smart Sales Managerclick here.  Since 1994, this San Francisco-based solutions provider has been a leader in developing global Inside Sales teams and managers. She has provided consulting, coaching, and training solutions for hundreds of Fortune 1000 companies, including Cisco, Autodesk, Citrix Systems, Informatica, Adobe, and Carahsoft — that consider her an invaluable part of their sales strategies. Her Inside Sales Thought Leadership blog is ranked among the Top 50 Sales Blogs by SalesCrunch.

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