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50% of Sales Organizations Plan To Boost Sales 2.0 Solutions Spend In 2013

Why did you decide to do this research?

That’s a great question. The Sales 2.0 Conference started in 2007 and the industry has been growing every since. It’s estimated that there are over 2000 Sales 2.0 solutions, and many of the initial start-ups such as InsideView, Brainshark, Xactly, and Marketo have thrived in recent years, and starting to innovate and develop new offerings. At the same time, each year, we still see many new and emerging technologies. Despite the environment of continuous growth and innovation that exists in the Sales 2.0 community, we felt the marketplace was mature enough to start measuring some of the trends and impact those solutions are creating for leaders in sales and sales operations. Specifically we wanted to understand more about how and why companies invest in sales 2.0 solutions, how they measure ROI, and if they level of investment will increase over time. With this research we are aiming to quantify the market from the buyer’s perspective. How are buyers really thinking about Sales 2.0 solutions? Is their spend increasing, decreasing? How do Sales 2.0 solutions fit into – and help them achieve – their goals?

Where there any shocking findings? And if so what were they?

Well, some people may be shocked but we weren’t. We had a couple big takeaways from the research:

70% of sales organizations believe Sales 2.0 solutions will be “very important” or “critical” to achieving their 2013 objectives. (TWEET)

That is a huge number. We saw this in conversations with our community of sales leaders that we interact with at the Sales 2.0 events. They told us this, now we are able to put anecdotal comments into a real number that we can track over time. We did have some other shocking findings… but we aren’t announcing those until Gerhard Gschwandtner’s opening keynote at the upcoming Sales 2.0 Conference April 8-9 in San Francisco.

Where do you see the sales technology market trending?

We believe the Sales 2.0 solutions market will see significant growth in new business license sales and adoption. The data tells us spend is increasing significantly next year:

50% of sales organizations surveyed plan to increase spending on Sales 2.0 solutions in 2013 (TWEET)

We are also realistic. And we also found with our research that many companies still struggle with user adoption. Increase spending will bring an increased need for organizations to build a more solid infrastructure (people, process, and strategy) to ensure that each implementation is a success. For us, this means helping sales leaders with content that helps them not only identify which Sales 2.0 solutions make sense for them, but that helps them see what their peers are doing to ensure that their Sales 2.0 infrastructure is driving ROI, which is another reason why we created In the research, we dove into how sales leaders evaluate the success of their Sales 2.0 rollouts. That data is helpful to us to help vendors ensure their customers are successful and helps us make recommendations to sales leaders on how to get ROI.

When is the introduction of Sales 3.0?

Well, first we believe, and the research shows, that Sales 2.0 still has plenty of time left. As the data suggests, we have certainly hit a major milestone in the market in terms of sales organizations acceptance of Sales 2.0 solutions and how they are those solutions as a core part of their overall sales strategy. Still the number of sales organizations that reached this place is still relatively small. So the market still has massive growth potential and we will see that over the next couple years. However, we do know that right now there are very visionary people working on new concepts that will eventually disrupt a few of the major trends we are seeing now.


Interviewer Profile:  I am a Marketer at Radius. I recently graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in Economic History and Consumer Psychology. I like Tweeting, and Instagram. It’s nice to meet you. Feel free to email me

Interviewee Profile: Larissa Gschwandtner is VP at Selling Power. She has over 10 years of experience in sales, marketing and event management. Selling Power is the leading content provider for the B2B sales management audience, with publications including Selling Power magazine, the Sales Management Digest and Daily Boost of Positivity online newsletters, and Selling Power TV a daily video series featuring interviews with top business executives. Selling Power is a media sponsor of the Sales 2.0 Conference series.


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