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The Impact of Oracle Buying Eloqua: 11 Power Players Weigh In

Raghu Raghavan, CEO of Act-ON

“The market for marketing automation is huge and the fact that Oracle is entering shows things are just starting out. Oracle obviously sees the potential to take Eloqua, a $100M company and make it a $1B company.It is important to note that barriers to entry into marketing automation are high. It is not easy to build a state-of-the-art marketing automation product. Many companies have tried, most have fallen by the wayside, only a select few (including Eloqua and Act-On) have figured it out and as a result they are growing like gangbusters. It is interesting to note that Oracle, with thousands of engineers, chose to buy rather than build.  The acquisition of Eloqua by Oracle validates the maturity and the growth potential of marketing automation.”

Brian E. Kardon, CMO of Lattice Engines

“Adobe, Salesforce and Oracle all have marketing clouds and are actively building out and integrating their offerings.  The rise of the CMO and their growing influence in technology, big data, and measurement is driving industry consolidation. My post from earlier this week, ‘Follow the Money to the CMO‘,  describes the recent marketing acquisitions and the rationale.”

Scott Brinker, President & CTO of Ion Interactive

“The Eloqua-Oracle deal is a big step forward for the maturing of the marketing technology space. It certainly validates that digital marketing centric solutions are becoming the backbone of modern
marketing. We can expect that this will inspire even more investment and innovation in this area in 2013.”

Carlos Hidalgo, CEO & Principal of ANNUITAS

“It’s great to see Oracle recognize that marketing automation is the central engine for best-in-class sales and marketing organizations and a critical component of driving Demand Process. The key to success of this acquisition will be the Oracle-Eloqua customers understanding that Demand Process & Strategy are foundational to deriving value from the integrated technologies.
While Oracle acquired one of the marketing automation leaders, it will not fundamentally change an organizations ability to align their dialogue to their buyers purchase path and create engagement. That only comes from an established Demand Process approach which can then be enabled.”

David M. Raab, Principal of Raab Associates Inc.

“There’s a short term risk that Eloqua will lose momentum as it is integrated with Oracle’s other customer experience systems.  But a truly integrated customer experience suite on a common platform should help enterprise clients do a better job of meeting customer needs across their lifecycle.  I doubt that Oracle will have any interest in small businesses, so they’ll have to look elsewhere.”

David Lewis, CEO of DemandGen International, Inc.

“This acquisition is great news for the field of marketing; it’s a tremendous validation that CRM alone is not the solution, and that marketing automation is a critical component of B2B marketing and sales. This is a pretty loud message to the business world that this technology is critically important, and I believe it will result in accelerated overall market growth for all marketing automation vendors. Ultimately, the success of this acquisition will come down to execution in terms of how well Oracle enhances, markets, and sells the Eloqua solution and supports the Eloqua customer base. But Oracle has strong leadership, deep pockets, and is partner/ecosystem friendly, so I’m very optimistic.”

Matt Heinz, President of Heinz Marketing Inc

“This will accelerate the velocity of marketing automation’s continued growth and leverage across the corporate world, worldwide.  The reach and channel integration potential for Eloqua with this deal is extremely high.”

Steve Gershik, VP of Marketing at StackMob

“The great thing about the acquisition is it will allow Eloqua to extend its dominance outside of their core verticals.  You can expect more success in financial services, health care and manufacturing than ever before.”

Justin Gray, CEO of LeadMD

“The Eloqua acquisition is interesting from a couple of angles.  First, it shines more light on what will be a huge space – Marketing Automation – which is always a good thing.  However with the recent acquisitions taking place, we are also seeing a hole in terms of competitors in the small to medium enterprise space.  Although this provides some much needed attention for MA, I’m worried that a now slower Eloqua will decrease some of the competition we see at the enterprise level, competition which drives innovation and momentum.  I think we will see a lot of innovation in the SMB space, but many of those providers have not reached a maturity level that will allow them to compete for the enterprise.”

Dan McDade, President of PointClear

“MAP is a stalking horse for other opportunities in companies for Oracle.  From that perspective the acquisition makes a lot of sense.  Integration with Siebel might reinvigorate that otherwise moribund solution.  It is not frivolous to wonder about the deal price given the recent acquisition of Pardot by Exact Target.  I thought there was more money in Eloqua than they got in the sale.  But, that’s just me.”

Scott Albro, CEO of Testing Lots of Stuff

“It’s rare for a company to be acquired only 5 months after an IPO. But there are two reasons this deal makes sense for Eloqua. First, the valuation is rich. Second, Eloqua would have faced a number of long term challenges as a standalone software vendor. The company was staring at a dual threat of death from above if and when Salesforce decided to enter the market and death from below in the form of rapidly growing companies like Marketo. Those are compelling reasons to sell.”

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