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The Network of Record™

Your always-on, single source of truth for B2B data

What's Inside

Actionable account and contact data. Unlimited access. Unparalleled accuracy and breadth.

B2B data never stops growing and changing. The Network of Record combines and refines it into the most accurate, comprehensive, up-to-date source of U.S. B2B data available anywhere.

18M+ US Businesses

All Business Sizes
Fortune 1000
companies with $5M+ annual revenue
SMBs with multiple locations
Coverage Across The US
Every Industry
Food Services
Software & Technology
Media & Internet
Professional Services
Retail & Wholesale
$$ Finance & Insurance
+ And More...

25M+ Contacts

Decision Makers
  • Job Titles
  • CXOs
  • Presidents
  • VPs
  • Directors
  • Managers
Job Function
  • Marketing
  • Operations
  • Finance
  • Sales
  • Engineering
  • Human Resources
  • Legal
  • Customer Service
Direct Contact Information
Verified Direct Dials Verified Email Addresses

1000+ Attributes

Contact Data
Role & Title
Time in business
Business health
Account data
Company Size
HQ & Locations
Intent & Technologies
2.5k installed technologies
5k intent signals
Web technologies
Social & Web
Social activity
Online presence
Social handles

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The Gold Standard for B2B Data

Get total clarity on customers and markets

Access comprehensive account and contact data, with +17% more U.S. businesses tracked and 26% higher fill rates on each.

Reach more buyers, faster

Never miss an opportunity with industry-leading accuracy rates of 90-95% and 10x faster data updates capturing the latest buying signals.

Never buy a lead list again

Have the right data on-hand with always-on, 24/7 unlimited data access and Radius’ seamless integrations into your CRM and marketing systems.

"Look for data partners who leverage data network effects to improve the data quality in your systems. Many companies keep buying and aggregating the same bad data year after year. Data network effects significantly improves on how most data providers aggregate and validate their data today, ensuring a level of data quality and accuracy that traditional data processes can’t provide."

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"Radius’ The Network of Record offers an improvement over conventional methods for finding and refreshing business data."

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Questions about The Network of Record? Our Director of Product, Amogh Mundhekar, is here to help.


End-to-End Data Intelligence Made Possible By The Most Powerful B2B Data Source

Fuel your CRM and marketing applications with Radius, powered by The Network of Record’s unprecedented data breadth, depth, and accuracy.


Always on, unlimited data access means your customer data platforms will always have the latest, most relevant account and contact information.


Get your data quality in top form—and keep it there. Diagnose data errors, fill in gaps and streamline operations with real-time syncs.


Intelligence is only as good as the data it’s built on. Gain total clarity on your next buyer, optimize campaigns, and drive revenue with rich intelligence guided by quality data.


Expand audience reach across all channels with seamless integrations across CRM, marketing automation, and the entire digital ecosystem.

How It Works

Experience the Network Effect

Network effects and machine learning connect data from a growing customer network with diverse data sources—for a single source of truth that keeps getting better.

Build Foundational Data From Diverse Sources

It all starts with a rich, foundational baseline of account and contact data.

The Network of Record continuously draws from dozens of data sources—including trusted data partners, web, and public records—to capture and deliver a fresh, holistic view of the US business landscape.

Connect Customers’ Systems of Record

Every company has a system of record. Combined that data is extremely powerful.

The Network of Record validates and grows as customers anonymously connect their data to get back the best data an intelligence on their buyers. Every 30 minutes, we resync with every CRM and marketing automation system connected to Radius, giving our customers access to real-time intelligence and us data on the latest business activity.

Run Data Through Machine-Learning Validation Pipeline

The Network of Record is fully rebuilt - with all data validated - every two weeks.

To deliver current, reliable data The Network of Record runs round-the-clock using machine-learning to continuously collect, match, test, confirm, and correct data. All data made available to customers must meet the highest accuracy thresholds and have multiple sources. This robust process coupled with a complete rebuild every two weeks ensures that The Network of Record remains the single source of truth for B2B data.

Rigorous end-to-end security for all your data

We understand the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your information is vital to your business. That's why security is mission critical at Radius.

We consistently exceed the stringent security requirements of the world’s most security-conscious organizations, including Fortune 100 companies in financial services, insurance, and healthcare.

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