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Data Stewardship

Radius Data Stewardship analyzes, cleanses, and appends your existing data. So you’re always operating off of the highest quality information.

You know it: your data is holding you back. That means even your most carefully crafted marketing campaign is going to underperform. We can help.

Radius Data Stewardship identifies and addresses core CRM and marketing automation technology (MAT) data issues. Powered by The Network of Record and a real-time sync with your system, Data Stewardship provides the best possible data foundation that marketing and operations need to drive revenue.

The Network of Record is 33% more accurate than the average CRM. And 8% better than the next best data provider.

Use Cases

Your next buyer is waiting. Pick them out from the crowd and connect across every channel.

CRM Health

Even the best AI can’t turn your bad CRM and MAT data into revenue. CRM Health identifies duplicate, inaccurate, and incomplete data and shows you how to get it current, complete, and accurate. With CRM Health, you’ll be able to build powerful campaigns on your data — and you’ll be ready to take the next step with predictive solutions like Radius.

Data Append

Incomplete data can wreak havoc on your omnichannel campaigns. And when you’re basing everything on your own CRM data — or buying data like a commodity — you’re guaranteed to be missing some critical data points. Data Append leverages unlimited access to The Network of Record to give you the complete picture on all your prospects.

Duplicate Analysis

At any given moment hundreds of promising leads in your pipeline are actually duplicates. That means wasted marketing resources and inaccurate revenue projections. Radius Duplicate Analysis eliminates duplicate data from your CRM or MAT, allowing you to move forward with cleaner data — for more efficient and more effective campaigns.

Data Refresh

Every year corporate America sees a turnover rate of 30% or more. In other words, 41.8 thousand business contacts became unreachable today. That’s data decay, and it’s a serious problem. Sales and marketing efforts that rely on outdated CRM or MAT data result in low conversion rates and frustrated sales and marketing teams. Data Refresh updates your data for greater accuracy in your prospecting, predicting, and selling efforts.

Matching Analysis

You know your data is faulty — but do you know the gaps and why? Using the The Network of Record as a point of validation, Matching Analysis will analyze the records in your CRM that differ significantly from our data source and offer insights about why the discrepancies exist. The analysis will also correct data decay by identifying records in your CRM that are associated with companies that have closed or moved.

Custom TAM Analysis

If you want to understand your total addressable market (TAM), you need to go way beyond what CRM or MAT data can show you. By comparing your in-house data with The Network of Record, our Custom TAM Analysis identifies both net-new prospects and existing prospects worth retargeting.

As most companies do, we struggled keeping our CRM and MAT data in order, which impacted our bottom line. With Radius Data Stewardship, we continuously address the gaps and inaccuracies in our data. Our sales and marketing teams are confident they’re working with the most accurate data to drive revenue.