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Meet your prospect with Omnichannel Marketing. Here. There. Everywhere.

Radius gives you access to precise targeting, seamless integrations and the best data, so you can capture buyers' attention across any channel.

Omnichannel isn't just for B2C anymore.

Radius Omnichannel integrations enable B2B marketers to put audience intelligence into action across multiple channels, including telesales, field, email, social, search and digital.


Harness The Network of Record, the only source of always-on B2B contact and account data, to identify your best audiences.


Deploy campaigns easily across multiple channels with deep integrations across traditional, digital, and social channels.

High Performing

Improve match rates and reach with network-enriched profiles powered by The Network of Record that unite business and consumer profiles.

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All the data you need for the right prospect and message, on the right channel.

Our Omnichannel integration is the last piece of the marketing puzzle. It’s where the best insights turn into the most effective and targeted actions.

Expand Your 

Leverage unlimited access to the most accurate contact data to target net-new lookalikes and drive them from top-of-funnel through to conversion.

Effortlessly Personalize Messaging

Leverage hundreds of buying signals from The Network of Record to marry personalized messaging to each hyper-targeted audience.

Reduce Customer Acquisition Costs

Invest your resources in the highest quality leads only, to lower campaign costs and accelerate sales cycles.

Increase Your Conversions

Orchestrate campaigns that target the right prospects, across the right channels, with the right message. Then watch your conversions increase.

Increase campaign ROI within and across channels

Our customers’ results prove what’s possible when you combine quality data and precision targeting with seamless channel integrations:


Increase in Telemarketing 


Increase in Email click-


Reduction in acquisition costs 
with Digital Ads


Lift in Direct Mail response rates

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How it works

Connect data with powerful channel Integrations

Radius continuously incorporates customer data and makes it actionable through one-click native integrations with today’s leading sales, marketing automation, and advertising solutions.









Google Adwords

Step 01

Connect your customer data for predictive intelligence

Step 02

Build targeted audiences using thousands of signals and insights from The Network of Record

Step 03

Deploy audiences to multiple channels and analyze funnel performance