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Research Report

Why Your Data Strategy is Your B2B Growth Strategy

Learn How Solving Your Company’s Data Challenges Solves its Growth Challenges

B2B leaders today have access to a vast wealth of data about customers and prospects. They are also equipped with sophisticated customer relationship management and marketing software. So why are their go-to-market efforts falling flat?

Harvard Business Review surveyed 167 B2B go-to-market executives to help us all understand the relationship between data and business growth. The results were astounding and show how forward thinking executives use advanced data strategies as a competitive advantage and have translated it into significant revenue growth.

Read this report to learn:

  • How B2B leaders are applying data and analytics to deliver on go-to-market objectives
  • Why those with advanced data strategies have been twice as likely to grow revenue by 30%
  • Actionable steps to advance your data strategy so that you can be 3.5X more likely to beat the competition

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“Look for data partners who leverage data network effects to improve the data quality in your systems. Many companies keep buying and aggregating the same bad data year after year. Data network effects significantly improves on how most data providers aggregate and validate their data today, ensuring a level of data quality and accuracy that traditional data processes can’t provide.”

Harvard Business Review Analytic Services

Research Report

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