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“Our time to value with Radius was zero. Radius made sure that everything was ready on day one.”

Billy Anderson, Revenue Ops Manager at SalesFusion

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SalesFusion Sees Time-to-Value On Day One with Data Intelligence Powered Prospecting

Rapidly growing software company uses B2B intelligence and predictive analytics to generate sustainable, efficient revenue growth

Leveling the playing field for small to midsize businesses, SalesFusion makes enterprise-grade marketing automation accessible to everyone. The SalesFusion platform combines easy-to-use tools, powerful analytics, and native CRM integrations to help businesses gain the power and control they need to grow their bottom line.

Goal: Generate sustainable revenue growth cost effectively

While SalesFusion’s company mission is to help its customers drive revenue as efficiently as possible, the SaaS provider’s revenue operations team has adopted that motto for itself. “We focus on sustainable growth, and we want to drive that through a combination of market reach and targeting the right prospects,” says Logan Henderson, Vice President of Operations at SalesFusion.

Being a smaller, growing business in a highly competitive space means optimizing every marketing and sales dollar spent. “We can’t go out and buy market share by blanketing the landscape with expensive advertising,” says Henderson. “Instead, our challenge is to reach our ideal prospects in the most efficient way possible.”

For Billy Anderson, Revenue Operations Manager at SalesFusion, the overarching goal is to keep “the funnel river flowing at full capacity.” However, buying one-off lists and self-sourcing prospect and contact data wasn’t generating the volume and quality of leads the company needed. “We were missing opportunities because we weren’t able to segment and focus on the high-quality prospects,” says Anderson. In addition, inefficiencies and lack of integration across workflows negatively impacted time to market with new campaigns.

Solution: Empower revenue operations with always-on B2B data and segmentation

With the release of a new version of SalesFusion platform, the timing was ideal to transform the company’s go-to-market strategy with Radius Prospector. Radius Prospector delivers intelligence on SalesFusion’s buyers based on analyzing the company’s win and loss data inside Salesforce. The SalesFusion team can source net-new prospects directly from Radius to sales reps and email campaigns. Tapping into The Network of Record™, the backend proprietary data powering Radius’ products, takes the SalesFusion team from buying disconnected lead lists to accessing the largest, most accurate B2B data source.

With Radius, SalesFusion can now keep the “funnel river” going at top capacity. It relies on Radius to reach its total addressable market, use predictive scores to understand which leads are most likely to convert, and segment the data to increase success rates. Anderson uses a variety of prospect attributes to build hyper-targeted audiences, such as:

  • Location
  • Company Size
  • Revenue & Headcount
  • Product Technologies
  • Intent Data
  • Contact Role
  • Contact Title

“Using Radius, we can run segmentations based on ideal customer profiles, understand the data that we have, and apply that to the broad universe of 360,000 B2B mid-market companies in the U.S.,” says Henderson. SalesFusion can drill down into the data based on firmographic information that matches the company’s ideal customer profile. “We use Radius to insert the right data and messaging into the right places to improve conversions,” says Anderson.

Competitive-takeout campaigns are a powerful approach for SalesFusion to gain market share. With Radius, the team can easily identify new and existing prospects that currently use a competitive solution and deploy key contacts within those accounts to sales teams that are equipped with tailored talk-tracks and nurture emails with personalized, differentiator messaging.

As new leads enter SalesFusion’s CRM system, Radius automatically applies a fit-score based on the company’s likelihood to convert. These scores are added for any lead, not just ones sourced by Radius, and help the SalesFusion sales reps prioritize their outreach based on a simple grade threshold set up by Anderson and his Radius account manager.

Lastly, SalesFusion also deployed Radius Connect to give sales teams real-time sales intelligence directly in Salesforce. They can use Radius Connect with any Salesforce lead. And based on the grade assigned by Radius, reps know which companies and contacts match our ideal customer persona and I can focus my resources on those most likely to close.

Radius Connect also gives the Salesfusion sales team the ability to source additional contacts within an account. An easy-to-use search function gives reps the ability to find each role and title of decision makers within an account. They can then use the one-click “Add Contact” button to create a new lead or contact with highly accurate contact information.

Results: Experience value on day one

While still early in its use of Radius, SalesFusion is on its way to meeting its goal of doubling its customer base in less than 12 months using precise segmentation to build a healthy pipeline of sustainable revenue.

One reason for SalesFusion’ rapid success was the ease of use of Radius. “Our time to value with Radius was zero,” says Anderson. “Radius made sure that everything was ready on day one: integration to our Salesforce, insights, goals, and segmentation. We could start executing campaigns immediately because Radius is super easy to use.”

SalesFusion is also meeting its goal of generating revenue efficiently. “Radius helps us align our limited resources to focus on the prospects with the highest propensity to convert,” says Henderson. “With Radius, we can capture that information and hone in our efforts to increase success.” Adds Anderson, “It’s very important to know your sweet spot and Radius helps us understand where our greatest success will be.”

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