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We Drive Revenue By

elevating the employment experience & enriching people’s lives.”

Christy Hrencher
Director of Marketing

Payroll and HR Tech

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Nextep Drives Predictable Growth at Scale to Double its Size

Using Radius, Nextep transforms sales with predictive intelligence on the best prospects

From the moment a business hires its first employee, it enters into a world of new responsibilities, with a wide range of human resource (HR) issues to handle. That’s where Nextep, a certified professional employer organization (PEO), comes in. Nextep takes care of human resource services—including comprehensive HR, benefits, payroll, and risk and compliance solutions—so that businesses can focus on what they do best.

Goal: Double the size of the company—again

Since its founding in 1997 as a one-person office, Nextep has experienced steady growth. Starting in 2012, the company set out to double its size (which is directly related to growing the customer base and revenue) and began investing in sales and marketing to make it happen. “We made very specific and transformative decisions on everything from how we hired sales people, to building a scalable training program, to creating an internal promotion strategy,” says Breanna Honeycutt, vice president of sales at Nextep. “We believed these things would help us double the size of the company in five years and it worked.”

Then the company decided to do it again: double its size within five years. Company leaders knew it would take more than the more traditional approach to growth it had used before. “This time, we understood that we needed a scalable, smarter way to grow the business,” says Honeycutt. “We decided to invest in building an inside sales team, deploying software to support sales and marketing efforts, and expand our digital advertising strategy.”

The new approach also meant no longer relying on purchasing lead lists and then dumping the results into the Salesforce database. “Our existing database was like Grandma’s closet,” says Christy Hrencher, director of marketing at Nextep. “It was overflowing with junk, which made it hard to find the real gems that our new inside sales team would need to be successful.”

Solution: Transform sales with deep B2B intelligence

The Nextep team decided to turn to the Radius Revenue Platform, which connects predictive intelligence and omnichannel integrations with the largest, most accurate set of B2B data. Radius would enable Nextep to gain deep knowledge of its total addressable market, integrate the marketing and sales ecosystem, and reach the best audiences with effective, personalized messages.

With help from Radius, the Nextep team built segments, analyzed its existing database to understand where it’s been successful in the past, and began to understand its addressable market more deeply than ever before. In addition to typical firmographics such as industry, region, and number of employees, Nextep began analyzing and using deeper intelligence from Radius. “Intent data, social media, and web presence turned out to be big drivers for us,” says Hrencher. “We really had no insight into these factors prior to working with Radius.”

Using its Radius segments, Nextep now creates engagement and awareness earlier in the sales process using targeted, automated programs through Pardot email, digital advertising such as Google AdWords or Facebook, direct mail, and retargeting. “Using Radius, we can deliver targeted content based on business type, region, or intent data that tells us what their hot buttons are,” says Hrencher. “We also target prospects regularly through email campaigns, building specific journeys that are relevant to a certain industry or issue.”

Results: Increase the pipeline by 900 percent

By using Radius to segment and target the best net-new and Salesforce leads, Nextep improved sales efficiency and its return on marketing investments while driving prospects through the funnel faster. In fact, within the first six months of using Radius, Nextep achieved amazing results:

  • 39% increase in qualified leads
  • 900% increase in new meetings
  • 900% growth of dollars in the pipeline
  • 30% to 50% increase in conversions from lead to an account

Hrencher credits Radius with helping Nextep move toward a successful, scalable omnichannel approach. “Before, we were just throwing content out and hoping it sticks,” she says. “Now with Radius, we feel really confident that our content is effective and appropriate for each audience that we’re targeting.”

Better targeting helps Honeycutt’s team drive more dollars into the pipeline and close more business. “Ultimately if you have a more targeted list from the get-go, you’re going to have more targeted conversations and quicker conversions,” says Honeycutt. “We’ve seen about a 90 percent qualification rate from the Radius leads.”

Looking ahead: Move into new markets at scale

Honeycutt and Hrencher will soon be using Radius to help Nextep more effectively and successfully enter into markets. Explains Honeycutt, “We can use Radius to build segments with intent data for a new market. Then we would use Pardot and other tools to soften and seed those accounts. Our inside sales team will then warm up the accounts even more while we’re continuing to touch them and market to them, building scripts and campaigns around the target. By the time we meet a business owner in person, we are miles ahead of where we traditionally would have been.”

With Radius, Nextep is now well on its way towards achieving its next five-year growth goal.

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