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Amazing SMB marketing begins with great customer segmentation

Adopting a “one-size fits all” approach when marketing to small businesses ensures that your message is vague and your tactics untargeted. As a result, your conversion rates -- and your brand -- suffer.

how big data can predict buying patterns

With great segmentation, your campaigns will cut through the noise

Go beyond simple firmographic segmentation attributes to connect with SMBs in an entirely new way. Communicate your unique benefits to small businesses in their voice and through the channels they prefer at the times they’re ready to engage.

using real time data for better marketing

Maybe you’ve heard this all before…

Perhaps you’ve tackled an SMB market segmentation or data append project before, but the hype failed to live up to the hope. High staffing costs, bad or stale data, inaccessible systems, and dealing with the same tired vendors doom many a segmentation project.

data for your marketing and sales strategy

With Big Data technology, Radius delivers the first marketing platform for targeting SMBs

With Radius, you can connect your prospect and customer data to our living, breathing database of 27 million SMBs in the United States. Analyze your customers based upon hundreds of business attributes to define your best market lead segments. Once you’ve defined your best customers, create look-alike segments, deploy campaign and measure conversion.

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