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Radius is the marketing platform that empowers B2B marketers with data and insights to reach the right customers.

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Learn how to be more effective with data. Read our Guide to Marketing Intelligence.

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The Marketing Intelligence Platform

Radius makes marketers smart with an intelligence platform that delivers insights on over 20 million businesses with integrated, cloud-based marketing software.

Radius knows your best customer segments

As a marketer, focusing on what works and eliminating what doesn’t is incredibly important to building a successful marketing machine. Feeding your sales team isn’t just about volume, it’s about ensuring your targets are the right customers for your product.

After connecting your CRM, such as, to Radius, within seconds you’ll have an overview of segments where you’ve historically been successful. Dynamically visualizing these segments will inform which segments you ought to double down on.

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Radius gives you new prospects to pursue

Instead of buying lists and working to merge them in Microsoft Excel, make the intelligent decision and use Radius to intelligently deploy the right business prospects directly into your CRM. Don’t just deploy as many business records as possible; deploy records within your best performing segments which are worth your marketing dollars and time.

Since Radius is linked to your CRM in real-time, you won’t have to worry about dupes either — just deploy what you need and deploy what you know will work.

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Radius unlocks dormant opportunities

Ever had an inbound lead that sat in your CRM for months or years? Ever bought a list that had bad data? Use Radius’ connection with your CRM to revitalize old opportunities and refresh the contact information automatically. On top of refreshing data, Radius will tell you which dormant or stale opportunities within your ideal customer segments are worth pursuing.

Radius makes your re-nurture campaigns more effective. Using insights, Radius lets you reinvigorate your open leads by redeploying them into precise and targeted Salesforce campaigns which resonate with your prospects.

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Radius makes you an intelligent, data-driven marketer

Instead of hiring a data science team and toying with disparate solutions like predictive lead scoring, data cleansing vendors, external data sets and spreadsheets, use a unified solution that allows you as the marketer to spend your time making intelligent decisions and running great campaigns.

Like marketing automation, marketing intelligence is the only end-to-end solution that makes your marketing efforts truly forward-thinking.

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